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Aug 032010

On July 24, San Diego Roller Derby’s Starlettes beat the Battle Born Derby Demons with a final score of 197-26! This was the biggest blow-out in Starlettes history. Not because the BBDD from Reno, NV weren’t good, but because the Starlettes just keep getting better and better.

The Starlettes were happy to boast the debut of Bully Julie and Tutu Tuff. Bully Julie might be new to the Starlettes but she is no veteran to Roller Derby. She had played with the San Diego Derby Dolls for years before she decided to come over to SDRD. Tutu Tuff, however, may be new to the sport of Roller Derby but in her first ever bout she still managed to jam several times and score in the double digits. There will be plenty more Tutu to come!

The line-ups seemed to really work together and keep the opposing jammers back. The blockers were incredible. You could see the frustration on the Derby Demon’s faces as they failed to get through the pack. Ginger Snatch and Steamboat Lilly were just two of their standout players, but they were nothing against the likes of the Starlettes’ blockers. Lady Diesel, Brigg ‘em Down, Marcy Slayground and Ortega Chile were brilliant together, while Rumble Pie, Sweet Pain, Supersize’N and Bully Julie were unstoppable. By the second half, coach B. Stang mixed up the line-ups so the usual jammers Icepax, Wonder Whoop’em and Wicked Angel could do some blocking while some of the usual blockers could show off their jamming talents. Who knew these girls were so talented and versatile?

But, alas this news of the game must be kept short and sweet. Not because there isn’t an infinite amount of plays I would like to describe in detail here in this blog, but because there is no time for this. The Starlettes must get ready for what lies ahead. Most of the team is just barely recovering from Roller-Con, the yearly Roller Derby Convention in Las Vegas. But there is no time for them to recover because they must prepare to play Mission City Brawlin’ Betties on August 21. This will be a tough bout and they must be ready! Not to mention they will be participating in a 24 hour Relay for Life to raise money for Cancer research. This will take place the very same weekend, August 21-22 at the Embarcadero. Oh and of course there is the small fact that they might LOSE THE BELOVED SKATEWORLD! I have no time to write blogs, I have petitions to sign and letters to write to the mayor and San Diego City Council.

Thank you fans! Your support is amazing. This next bout is going to be a tough one which will be sure to please, so get your tickets now!

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