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Dec 122010
The end of this 2010 season put a big smile on all of the Starlettes pretty faces 🙂 On November 13th, 2010 we battled against Prison City Derby Dames and we won! A lot of hard work goes into putting these bouts together and into becoming better derby players; therefore, winning feels amazing and it makes our coaches and league proud.Doors opened at 5:00pm and our fans began to enter the rink and fill up the place with signs and banners rooting for their favorite derby girls. Once the Starlettes begin to see the fans, the adrenaline begins to run through their veins and they just can’t wait for that first whistle to blow! Come 5:30pm the first jam begins, and it’ s SDRD’s Star Line who steps onto the track to begin the last game of the 2010 season. Star Line consists of Lady Diesel (Capitan and Pivot), BRIGG em’ DOWN, Rumble Pie, I.B.Rascal and Wonder Whoop’em as the jammer. Although we are all stars on our team, these ladies shine even brighter.

Prison City had an excellent start by immediately gaining lead jammer status. Sorry ladies, but the Starlettes could not let this go any further and quickly managed to obtain lead jammer status for most of the first half of the game. The newest additions to the Starlettes for this game were Sugar Britches, Berle Scout and Buns of Fury. They focused on keeping Prison City’s jammer in the back of the pack and gave them no chance to get through, Meanwhile other players such as, Bully Julie, Sweet Pain and Ortega Chile made way for their jammers, Wonder Whoop’em, Wicked Angel, Icepax and Supersize N’. Thanks to the awesome work of our blockers, our jammers were able to score some major points that night. Prison City didn’t make it an easy win! They played well and hit hard and made us fight for our win. At the very last minute SDRD’s Capitan, Lady Diesel, put on the star (a very rare moment in SDRD history) and the final whistle blew. Her trusty blockers helped her get through the pack with ease, as soon as she was through the pack the jam was called off. The final score was 174 for the Starlettes and 70 for Prison City! It was a happy ending indeed! Thanks to Prison City for such a great game; we really enjoyed playing our last battle of the season against you ladies! SDRD would like to congratulate I.B Rascal for being voted M.V.B and Icepax for being voted M.V.J. You guys deserve it!

We would also like to mention the great show delivered by the Derby Brats, the crowd really enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see more of you girls for next season! SDRD was also proud to introduce our Men’s League (The 619ers) and our Junior League at half time. We must mention that it was some of the ladies from the Starlettes who played (and won) against the men and then continued to play the remaining 30 minutes of the game, you ladies rock! If you know any men over 18 years of age or girls ages 8 though 17, who may be interested in playing Roller Derby, we are currently recruiting! Visit our website for more information at:

We would also like to thank our fans for supporting Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Our team has a personal connection to this charity and partnered with EDSNC to find a cure and treatment to end the suffering for people battling with this disease including our own Sweet Pain, who was diagnosed in 1999. We would also like to send out a very special THANK YOU to all the fans who have purchased raffle tickets and participated in our fund raising efforts! Your contributions make this help possible. These are some of the charities that we helped throughout the 2010 season: The American Cancer Society, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, Pit Bull Rescue San Diego, Mama’s Kitchen, Hogar Infantil La Gloria and many more!

We can’t wait for 2011 to be here and for the new season to begin! We hope to see you at our first game on Feburary 5th, 2011 at Skateworld!

Want to check out all of the action that took place on 11/13/2010? Play the video below!

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