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Feb 092011

February 5th came and went, and while it was here, San Diego Roller Derby (SDRD) rocked and won the battle against Tucson Roller Derby (TRD)!

Our roller derby trifecta of a season opener began with a mini-bout between Black and White teams composed of players from all three SDRD teams (AfterShocks, Bandettes and Starlettes). This “Civil War”, as our announcer G.I. Bro called it, was followed by the main bout (SDRD vs TRD) and a 15-minute half-time bout featuring our awesome junior league, the Cadettes. It was one exciting Saturday!

The 30-minute opening bout was full of exceptional skating skills, killer blocks, and a very intense co-ed battle. B. Stang of the White Team was a great leader, as always, and wowed the crowd with his amazing skating skills and trips to the penalty box! But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

The Black Team, led by Bully Julie, definitely didn’t make it easy for the White Team. Bully Julie, and her trusty team of blockers (including Sweet Pain, Juno Escareme, and Tutu Tuff), held a strong wall in the front of the pack, making it difficult for the White jammers to get by. The game was definitely tight, but the White Team ended up taking the win, which couldn’t have happened without Marcy Slayground’s and Berry Nasty’s phenomenal blocking.
Six o’clock rolled around, and it was time for the Starlettes to roll onto the track in their brand new uniforms (thanks, Icepax!). The first half of the bout was exceptionally thrilling! The Starlettes had not bouted since November and the crowd was louder than ever, rooting for their favorite derby girls. The Starlettes had several power jams led by Snow Bunny on Wheelz, Icepax, and Wonder Whoop’em.
The lines of blockers were led by our Capitan, Lady Diesel, and Co-Capitan, Rumble Pie. It was thanks to their leadership that even blockers such as Berle Scout and Split Endz got to score several points as jammers! And on the other hand, jammers Wonder Whoop’em, Icepax, and Wicked Angel showed off just how many opposing jammers and blockers their booties can hip check.
Coach B. Stang makes us Starlettes practice our game strategies extra hard at practice, and… boy, did it pay off! We definitely made it difficult for TRD to score on us but they fought to the very end and showed nothing but a great attitude. The ladies of TRD truly set a perfect example of sportsmanship. We really enjoyed playing with you ladies and we hope to meet again!
Congrats to Wonder Whoop’em for being voted best jammer of SDRD and I.B. Rascal for being voted best blocker by the ladies of TRD! And a very special congratulations to our newbies, Dee Troit and Pixy Stix who played their very first bout with the Starlettes since joining SDRD –you two did great!

Februrary 5th was also a very special day for our junior league, The Cadettes, who really stole the show and riled up the crowd at half time! Sporting their super cool uniforms (thanks again, Icepax!), these ruthless kiddos skated their little hearts out and played one remarkable 15-minute game. Blockers such as Baby Buns , Mini Sweet Pain and Glitter Bomb blocked more than they ever had at practice. Jammers Jack Jack Attack ad Kiki Di Ankles put on quite the show for our crowd, who never tired of cheering, jam after jam! Congrats, Cadettes! You guys are doing great!

Our Cadettes include the following players: RockStar, Little Miss Bashley, Regina Rascal, Mighty Mouse, Skull n Crossovers, Red Hots, Little Red Devil, Jack Jack Attack, Glitter Bomb, Bone Crusher, Booty Bumper, Hot Wheels, Kiki Di Ankles, Mini Sweet Pain, Tap Out, Baby Buns, Rollin Angel and Wild Child. You guys made your derby big sisters and brothers really proud! We can’t wait to see you play again!
We would like to thank our volunteers for donating to our bake sale for this game and to all of you that participated in the 50/50 raffle. Due to the inspiring generosity of the raffle winner, all funds raised went to our February charity dedicated to our very own Molly Rink Mauled in an effort to help her family after the passing of her husband, Tom Arnold. Molly and her family are eternally grateful for your donations.

We hope to see you guys at our game on March 12: Starlettes vs Rage City Roller Girls. These ladies are traveling all the way from Alaska and we can assure you this will be one outstanding bout!! You seriously don’t want to miss it! Remember you can purchase you tickets from your favorite derby girl (or guy) and online. for more info.


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