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May 242012

The two teams met again after they faced each other in April and the Bandettes took home the win; HCDG were here with a vengeance. The whistle blew and the first jam was on.

Bandettes had a different game this time, as for the first time in a while they switched up their roles and players took on new positions. They had some of their regular jammers for blockers and blockers for jammers. Boogie Woman, Neuralize Her and Stella Hot Mess are some of the many great blockers they have but now this time around they were the Bandettes awesome jammers. Boogie Woman, Neuralize Her and Stella Hot Mess got through that tough pack and broke through those HCDG walls, But oh no it was not as easy at it sounds, Hidden City made it hard for our jammers to get lead jammer status.

Jam after jam the Bandettes rocked the rink.! They were breaking up Hidden City strong walls, knocking down jammers and moving Hidden City blockers out of the way. HCDG had some great jammers, Roxy Knockout and MotorCrush gave the Bandettes a fight for lead jammer status. SueWeddyBetty (HCDG blocker) knocked jammers down, and moved blockers out of her jammers way. But the Bandettes re-grouped quickly and jammers got back up fast to get through the pack.

Second half began with the Bandettes in the lead with a score of 127-33. Bandettes had some great teamwork, great walls, and most importantly they had good communication. Nicci Two Skates and Sugar Britches had the pivot role during most of the game and boy did they know how to pivot.! They both knew when to slow down,speed up, trap, and just knock those jammers down. They both had some of many great hits that night, another great blocker with noticeably great hits was, Snow Bunny on Wheelz. She moved girls outta way and if they didn’t move she knocked em down.

Towards the end of the game the Bandettes had the win in the bag, but Hidden City put up a hell of a fight until the last jam.

WreckLiz Cherry jammed her butt off until the last whistle blew ending the game with the Bandettes as the WINNERS, with a score of 259-54!
As always it is great please and honor to play HCDG as they are a great team, with great attitudes and the best sportsmanship.

Thank you ladies of HCDG until we meet again on the track.

**Shout Out to Butterfly Crush 911 who unfortunately got injured during the first couple jams
of the game. Hoping you heal fast and SDRD Bandettes will see you soon.



Written by Jazz Ramirez

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