Aug 292013

For those of us who were able to make this bout, what a night it was!

The evening kicked off at 5:00 with a Cadettes Pre-Bout Game, light blue vs. dk. blue.  What an amazing group of up and coming talent this league has!  Fast paced and full of flair, it was a definite crowd pleaser.  There was lots of action between the two teams and we even were lucky enough to witness a successful whip!  SDRD Comettes should take note because these are our future teammates! Their next game will be Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 so make sure you check them out!

Cadettes Game Aug 24

(Jammers zenbad and Poison Apple)


(Rainbow Swirl)

The main bout started about 5:45 with the Comettes taking lead jammer in the first 2 jams.  After throwing some points up on the board, Dirt City kicked it up a notch and the race was on!  Dirt City took an early lead and the Comettes spent the rest of the bout chasing after them. And chase them they did.  With only 10 rostered players, the Comettes had no choice but to play hard against this competitive opponent.  Did I mention that out of these 10 players, 4 of them had either never played, or only had 1 game under their belt.


(Photo courtesy of Dan Lopez)

The game was a tough fought one.  Although the point spread widened in the first half, the Comettes game back chomping at the skate and slowly started to chip away at the scoreboard. In the end, Dirt City won with a final score of 334/192.


(Hard Candy)

Congratulations to our MVP Blocker Joz of Life #2323 and MVP Jammer Litl Rampage #913

Special thanks to the Dirt City Roller Rats for coming out to play!

Also a super special thanks to our Ref crew – Griffin, McSteamy, Rick Eide, Nicci Two Skates, Buns of Fury, Adam, and Dangerously Distracted; our awesome announcer – Angeroo, and Skateworld – home of the last exclusive wood floor skating rink in San Diego!


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