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Oct 222013

Hero Fist

Chovy Frohlich, is not only a phenomenal skater; she’s a businesswoman, mother, artist, and Vice President on the San Diego Roller Derby Board of Directors.  But where did this derby girl come from and how did she find her way to SDRD?  Let’s rewind a little ways and explore the uprising of Boogiewoman aka Boogie!


As a spectator, Boogie became a fan while watching the Windy City Rollers in 2007.  With fancy venues, crazy announcers, mascots and wild costumes, how could she not fall in love with the sport!  She even tried out for the team but not being able to skate, she was cut during the first round.  That did not stop her love or drive to learn this sport.  Walking down the street in Ocean Beach one day, she spotted a girl wearing a Windy City Rollers Shirt and said “Hey! I know them – that’s roller derby.”  The girl, known by the name of Stella Sabotage, a transfer skater from Chicago, quickly recruited Boogie to try out for the San Diego Derby Dolls.  And so her derby life began.


After training for 7 months, Boogie made the team and played in 5 games before taking a break for the arrival of her handsome son.  During this time, she continued to learn refereeing and helped coach the newbies.  She met several SDRD skaters here before they made the switch.  Sensing that the league was no longer a good fit, Boogie almost quit before being recruited to SDRD and has called it her home ever since.  Boogie has played on every level team that SDRD has to offer and is currently a member of the Starlettes, SDRD’s “A” team.  She has recently discovered her love for Co-Ed bouts and hitting boys with everything she’s got!

In her everyday life, Boogie is currently a super organized Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a small architecture and construction firm.  This background has worked really well for her in her league job, Vice President of Board of Directors.  Her job is wide and varied and includes anything from checking in on all the various aspects/jobs within the league to helping resolve conflict/issues with the skaters.  Her skills do not stop there!  She has also been a full time stay at home mom, a psychotherapist for trauma and abuse, and a self-employed oil painter – specializing in people and pet portraits.

BoogieprideThe name Boogiewoman was created while she was trying to pick something scary but fun at the same time.  Showing her unique sense of humor, Boogiewoman B00 was created, a spoof on Boogeyman with a feminine twist.  WFTDA eventually made her drop the B in her number and fellow skaters started calling her Boogie for short.  But don’t let her fun attitude fool you, she’s as serious about training off the track as she is on.  Boogie runs 3 miles and swims 1600 meters twice a week! She also gets a monthly pedicure to keep her feet in top shape……

Asking what her favorite thing about derby is, Boogie could only supply a list showing how deep her dedication and love is.

1.  The way it connects me to my body and pushes me to be stronger, skate better, and be faster.

2.  Hitting because nothing feels better than doing it legally.

3.  Strategy – the game is so complex and rich, I never get tired of thinking about it.

4.  It’s democratic – every female (and male) body is welcomed and an asset to the team.

5. The support from your team!

Boogie’s advice – “The only way to learn is by trying, so don’t just watch from the sidelines.  If you are new,
someone (Splint Her, now skating with Gotham) once told me “all you have to do to succeed in derby is show up to practice and to stick around for a few years – most people just give up before they get really good”.

Boogie action

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