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Jan 312014

Home Game Jan

Photo Courtesy of Corys Creative Photography

Saturday, January 25th, was SDRD’s first home teams game of the season!  This event was packed and everyone was already pumped up for what was expected to be an awesome new season.  The home teams were drafted at the end of the 2013 year and they did not waste time getting started with learning to play in their new teams.

The bout kicked off with our Cadettes first bout of the year.  The teams were black vs. white and white broke out as our first lead jammer of the year!  The most noticeable change in our Cadettes this year is how much they have improved!  Dedication and continued training, even in the off season, has shown that they have what it takes to knock your skates off.  The final score of the game was 32-8, white victorious!

The main bout of the night kicked off shortly after.  Our first two home teams playing were the Rollin Ninjas, coached by Bobby Light and Foxy Vicious, and the Rolling Rebel Alliance, aka RRA, coached by Angeroo and Iliac Attack!  There was a lot of fan buzz for the two new home teams.  Ninja masks were sighted throughout the rink and some local Jedi’s were there to keep an eye out for the dark side.

Some changes to note immediately was the fact that blockers are starting in diagonal walls aligned two and two.  Also, the jammers start on the other side of the track and blockers must cross the pivot line before ANY interactions with the jammer can occur.  Finally, jammers score one point each time they make it through the pack and an extra point for lead jammer, the status which could change during the jam.  So jammers better kick into high gear or risk losing their lead jammer status!

The first whistle blew and it wasn’t long before the Ninjas pulled ahead.  RRA threw some points up on the board but the gap just kept getting wider with Ninjas gaining a 20 point lead.  With the first half close to over, RRA threw a little back and managed to close the gap and end the half with the score 30-31, RRA!  The Ninjas started the second half with a clear game plan, put RRA back in their place.  As the gap started to grow again, the crowd tensed waiting to see if RRA could pull another come back or if the Ninjas would emerge victorious.  The point spread slowly narrowed and with a few minutes left in the game, RRA gained a power jam, throwing points up as fast as the jammer could move.  It would not be enough though and the Ninjas won the first home game of the season 90-85!

The crowd erupted, feet and skates alike, stomped, and the fans lined the track to cheer on the players!  It was really amazing and many professed their love of derby renewed on this night.  Don’t miss the next home teams game when the Ninjas take on the Coastbusters, February 15th, at Skateworld.

SDRD and the home teams thank Skateworld, the refs, NSO’s and everyone involved who made this event such a success!

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