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Jersey Number




Years Played

I started in June of this year, so just a little over 3 months!

What Drew You To Roller Derby?

I always thought the sport was interesting and then in high school I read/watched “Whip It” and that solidified my love for the sport. After high school, it kind of ended up at the back of my mind until about 4-5 months ago when a friend shared a documentary about roller derby and I remembered “Hey! I really like this!” After that I found that this team was having a meet and greet and the rest is history. I just love that women of all shapes and sizes can come together to play this sport and be awesome!

How Did You Choose Your Derby Name?

My derby name comes from one of my favorite cartoons! One of the character’s name is Amethyst and I thought about how I could make it sound more “derby” and I managed to come up with Amefyst. It was the only name I could come up with, but it just fit. Also, Amethysts are my favorite stone, so that played into my name as well.


I enjoy art, reading, video games, cosplay, and spending time with my son and husband.

Any Past Athletic Background?

I played softball for a couple of years when I was about 13 or 14 and the did a season of track in high school, but that’s about it!

Pump Up Song

Beelzeboss by Tenacious D, The Hell Song by Sum 41, Me Too by Meghan Trainor

Random Fact

I have an overactive imagination and so I get scared easily watching horror movies, but I can’t stop going to them! 😂

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