WFTDA League

Cajun KillHER


The Basics:
Hometown:​ New Orleans
Birthday:​ August 21st
Height: 5’5
Derby Name:​ Cajun KillHER
Derby Number:​ 1004
Skater position: ​Blocker and occasional jammer
Current Teams:​ Coastbusters (for life!) and Bandettes
Position off the track: ​Membership Committee Head

Fun Facts:
*Growing up, she participated in gymnastics, ballet, and swim.
*Currently training for her 2nd half marathon!
*Her derby number is in honor of her wedding anniversary.
*She once rebuilt a Chevy 350 big block.
*From New Orleans but hates oysters and sweet tea.

2016 Season Goals:
*She has already achieved a huge goal this season, trying out and making it onto the All­Star travel team: The Starlettes.
Other Goals this season:
*Continue to progress and improve her skills, becoming a great asset to her teammates.

A Little Q& A:
Have you been a part of any other leagues or teams?
“Yes! I got my start with Onslow County Derby Dames in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and then transferred to Cape Fear Roller Girls in Wilmington, North Carolina.”

How did you choose and/or what is the meaning of your derby name and number?
“My derby name is a nod to my hometown; I love NOLA and miss it every day!”

What skates are you rolling on?
“Bont Hybrids! I love them!”

It’s Game day: What are you thinking about when you’re lacing up your skates?
“Haha, ‘Oh man, I have to pee again!’ I’m always super nervous before the first whistle, but once I get out there, all the nerves go away. I usually just try to stay calm, remind myself that I know what I’m doing, and that my team is awesome and we are going to kick serious butt!”

Do you have a favorite motivational quote?
“It always seems impossible, until it is done.” ­Nelson Mandela. This quote has gotten me through so many deployments and hard times; it is constantly running through my head when I am up against a challenge.

What is your league job?
“I am the committee head for the Membership committee! That means I get to help organize our newbies and their coaches, our league insurance, and fun things like our participation in community events and parades! I have some amazing skaters working with me, and I couldn’t do it without them.”

What would you say is your favorite thing about derby?
“The community. I love my teamies! They are my family, and a great family at that. Derby is my jam! Ha! It challenges me, humbles me, and makes me feel like I can take over the world. I just love it.”

Ever had a major derby related injury?
“Knock on wood, no! Just lots of bruises, a few twisted ankles, and the dreaded shin splints.”

What’s your favorite food to fuel your derby body?
“I love to cook. I follow a mostly Paleo diet, so my options are pretty endless, and I love to try new recipes! One of my favorite meals is pulled pork tacos! They are so delicious!”

Who inspires you?
“My husband, aka Hub aka Mr. KillHER. He is a Marine and is the most amazing, selfless, courageous, and dedicated person I know. I’m pretty biased, I know, but he makes me want to be better and do better all the time. I’m super lucky to have him! Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say my teamies! This league is full of amazing women who are doing amazing things, and I am just blown away all the time by them. They push me to work harder, they inspire me to get better, and they are always there when I need them.”

Last question: You’re the captain for the Coastbusters this season, what has that role been like for you?
“Amazing! I’m so honored to have been chosen, and I strive to really motivate and encourage my teammates, and provide whatever help I can for them. Being Captain is a big responsibility, and I take it seriously! The Coasties are number one in my book, and I want to continue to make our team the best ever! If my leadership can help get us there, then I’ll do what it takes!”

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