Fun In the Sun!

When most people move to our beautiful city, the first thing in mind is a sunny beach day! When it comes to San Diego Roller Derby girls, we think GAME DAY! Although our 2017 season will compromise of us jumping in to “mash up bouts”, we’re still rollin’!
Last month, some of our girls joined Hidden City Derby Girls, Wine Town Rollers, North County Derby Alliance, and Cal Skate for one giant tournament hosted by HCDG! Many of us just show up with our assigned jersey color and meet our team mates sometimes for the very first time, and start playing!
Rainbow Round Robin is an annual event that typically is the kick off to all of San Diego County’s roller derby season. For SDRD, it was a great opportunity to get on our skates and play for the first time since last season.
We are excited to announce our leagues growth this season and our hard work on and off skates are paying off! We are currently preparing to schedule our first 2017 game after our annual “Leprecharnage” had to be unexpectedly cancelled. As rough as it has been to recover from an extremely difficult loss of one of our members, we just could not allow ourselves to let down the league she poured her heart and soul into. SDRD will continue on to better and greater things, and most of all, we intend on keeping roller derby fun for everyone joining our league!

“Derby Saved My Soul” – what does this mean?

Most of us already doing the derby heard this saying multiple times when we first became interested in the sport and the person recruiting responded to our questions with “You’ll love this sport, it saved my soul!”

But, what does that mean?

Well, it means a lot of different things to each individual player. For me personally, I use it as my form of physical therapy. I had a major surgery 2 years ago that required some portions of my cervical spine to be removed along with a craniectomy. Yes: you read that correctly. No: this was not an injury related to playing the sport.

I worked hard to get my legs to reconnect communication to my brain, I had to relearn to feed myself, and I had to use a walker for some time until I could regain my balance on my own.

I had been skating for 1.5 years at that point and thought to myself “I will never be able to compete again”. I fell down into a dark place of anger and depression and I couldn’t even skate anymore to escape from these major life changes. Fast forward a few months to when I decided to make the move to San Diego. I felt maybe a change in scenery is all I needed, my then boyfriend (now fiance) had a great job offer here and I thought it was worth a try. But I was still in a dark place without knowing anyone here; I have no family here as I had left them all behind. So I got to thinking: if I could relearn to walk, I could try to relearn to skate! So the very next day I started looking up local leagues.

SAN DIEGO ROLLER DERBY popped up a few times, so I decided it was time to get back on 8 wheels. I worked for 8 months on my own before finally deciding to come down to drop in on a practice and start getting involved. Shy little me started to make a few friends and I started forgetting the darkness existed. I started to feel like myself again. My neck and back started to become stronger, I enjoyed getting my butt kicked from the exercise, and at this moment I realized “Why didn’t I come here sooner?”

I went from losing basic abilities and not being confident I my own footsteps to being an overall improved person with much more learning to go. I no longer feel like a failure because my spoon missed my mouth and landed on my cheek. I no longer feel that anxiety of “am I going to fall off the escalator in front of everyone because my brain can’t process moving stairways anymore?” BECAUSE OF ROLLER DERBY, I NOW KNOW I’VE HAD THIS STRENGTH IN ME TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST MY OWN BODY THIS ENTIRE TIME…..I just had to get pushed a little bit into figuring out my true self from my derby sisters; Derby sisters that continued to push me when I was giving up on myself, that continue to push me into working hard, that continue to push me completely outside of my comfort zone because my individual story is only a piece of the puzzle that helps create a team and a league.

Roller derby saved my soul from self doubt, it saved my soul from grief and loss of my old life, and it has helped create a new version of myself that I’m much happier with.

My name is Zombie Bait, I am a brain surgery survivor and Roller Derby Saved My Soul and helped me get my life back.


What will your story be?

(You can find out by joining our league! Contact us either here or on Facebook for details)




Against All Odds

First and foremost, SDRD would like to extend our gratitude to all of our supporters. So thank you all for keeping us afloat so we may start our 2017 season!

Against all odds, SDRD is persevering, growing, and recovering from our 2016 season. We unfortunately have had several extremely tough losses that we have had to endure from last season; but now more than ever, we are continuing the fight to keep our league running smoothly and effeciently.

SDRD’s vision for this season is to continue to be all inclusive. What this means is no matter what you personal or athletic background is, we would love to have anyone willing to put in the effort to learn and grow with us as we strive to remain San Diego’s “golden girls”.

With that being said, if you are interested in joining our league, please keep checking our website and Facebook for updates. We are planning our new skater recruitment in the VERY near future, and SDRD would be more than happy to answer any questions!

You stay classy, San Diego!

-Zombie Bait #224

Creep It Real This Halloween

Come join us for our annual Monster Mash Scrimmage! Feel free to come in costume!

Come join us for our annual Monster Smash Scrimmage! Feel free to come in costume!

Home Teams Game 2: Rollin’ Ninjas vs Coastbusters!

With the excitement and cheers still echoing in our ears from game # 1, SDRD had their work cut out for them to bring it for game # 2. Would we be able to match and exceed the level of excitement and attendance? Would fans come back for the next game? Of course they would! With such a season kick off, team loyalties have already started and the competition is kicking up a notch.

The evening kicked off with a pre bout by our amazing Cadettes! Many of our juniors, who are coached by our own SDRD players, are really stepping it up a notch this season! If you haven’t seen them play yet this season, make sure you come out to their next game and give them a shout out!

Game # 2 showcased the Coastbusters vs. our game # 1 winners, the Rollin’ Ninjas. The Ninjas showed up with masks and rubber ducks, ready to kick some booty. The Coastbusters, however, didn’t disappoint, showing up with their mascot, The Coastbuster! He helped them warm up on the track and got the crowd cheering.

The first half kicked off with a bang and the Ninjas did not let their fans down, throwing the first 4 points up on the board. The Coastbusters pushed back and managed to tie the score back up by the 5th jam. The tie didn’t last long though as the Ninjas pulled ahead and managed to stay there, ending the first half 28-47.

The second half saw the Ninjas holding there lead, the Coastbusters struggling to put some more points up. Tempers began to flare and hits grew harder as players struggled to assist their jammers. The Rollin Ninjas Mistress Doom was ejected during jam 30. It seems she forgot to leave her naughty words at home. Although the Coastbusters scored some more points, it was not enough to take the lead and the Ninjas won their second game, 61-100.

One noticeable difference in this game were the jaw jarring, bone slamming hits!

With the Rollin Ninjas holding the first place position, the next game, RRA vs. Coastbusters, will determine who the second place team is so far this season. This game is sure to be intense!

Thank you to Skateworld, the NSOs, Refs, and all others who make this league and season possible.

-Erin Gassaway

An Interview with B Stang

When he is not hard at work at Skateworld, Brett Stang is training hard for Team USA, coaching various San Diego Roller Derby teams, or traveling to contribute to MRDA’s number one team (Your Mom). Here, he reflects on what is going on locally, what he gets out of all this skating and what is in still in store for his derby career.

MD: How do you feel about the new home teams?
BStang: I like all the new teams, new colors, and new rules. I think it shakes things up a little bit in the league and pits players against players that you would never see otherwise. I hope that each game is close. The new rule set allows that to happen and I want every game to go down to the wire, but that’s just me being selfish.
MD: What are the best and worst parts of coaching for you?
BStang: The greatest reward is seeing players have the “I got it” moment. That’s why I love coaching new skaters. The biggest disappointments are always the frustration with refs and calls. I know you have to deal with it, but even 7 years later I haven’t seemed to learn. I am a guy that thinks the refs should be seen not heard. But, it is what it is.
MD: Is it hard constantly being surrounded by skating?
BStang: Showing up to a roller rink is the best feeling in the world. I don’t ever show up like “ugh, I’m here again.” I never have that feeling. I hope that I can be around the skating world the rest of my life.
MD: Is it hard on you traveling for derby so much?
BStang: I’m not going to lie, the travel back and forth is stressful. My number one priority is the rink. So, making sure that everything is handled here is first. Flying to Des Moines is the best decision in derby I have made. I would not be on Team USA without getting my name and play out there, San Diego play can only get me so far. To play against the best of the best and win a championship in this sport, in my first year, was awesome. I cannot wait to head to London and play with the world.
MD: What, exactly, is going on with the Aftershocks?
BStang: The men’s league is growing and I love the new guys we have starting up. Thanks to Rowdy and Andrew they have recruited a couple of good guys. Once we go MRDA, I will not have to travel to Des Moines anymore.
MD: What do hope for, for the future of derby?
BStang: Oh, the future of derby. That is a wide question. As long as people are still skating around an oval I don’t care what rules they are playing, it’s good for roller skating. I hope that if people cannot like a certain rule set, they find one they like and keep playing.
MD: Thanks for your time Brett Stang! And best of luck!

You can see Brett Stang almost any day at San Diego Skateworld…or come out for a practice or two and see his coaching in full action.

-Mistress Doom

SDRD versus Ensenada Roller Derby

-Anne Canter

San Diego Roller Derby’s women and men’s Aftershocks won back to back games on February 22nd in Ensenada, Mexico against the women’s Ensenada All Stars and men’s Lycans, respectively.

SDRD’s women and the Ensenada All Stars faced off first in a half hour bout to start the evening. Jammers included Shanghai Surprise, Snow Bunny, and Samwise Banshee. SDRD also welcomed special guests, Bully Julie and Pinky Pokerface. Final score of the women’s bout: 144 SDRD to 43 Ensenada.

Following the women’s bout, the men took the floor. Players Johnny Guns and Boo from OC Roller Derby’s Chorizo & Eggs team joined the Aftershocks for the evening. This was also the first bout for new Aftershocks members Max and Jorge. The bout started with some fancy footwork on the slick sport court floor by jammers Lambo R. Feeties and Bobby Light. Despite a few long official timeouts, including one that ran over six minutes, the game remained fast-paced and intense, with hard hits coming from Aftershocks blockers against the Lycans. At the end of the first half, the Aftershocks were ahead 104 to 68. The second half of the bout featured several power jams for the Lycans, but none were enough to claim the lead. Lycan jammers #404 Error and #18 Michael each wowed the crowd with some spectacular apex jumps, but it was not enough to catch the Aftershocks’ lead. The bout ended with a power jam for the Lycans, but it was not enough to change the final score: 208 SDRD to 171 Lycans. SDRD would like to thank Roller Derby Ensenada for hosting this bout.

Be sure to like Roller Derby Ensenada on Facebook to receive all their updates and see more great pictures!

SDRD 2014 Inaugural Home Teams Game

Home Game Jan

Photo Courtesy of Corys Creative Photography

Saturday, January 25th, was SDRD’s first home teams game of the season!  This event was packed and everyone was already pumped up for what was expected to be an awesome new season.  The home teams were drafted at the end of the 2013 year and they did not waste time getting started with learning to play in their new teams.

The bout kicked off with our Cadettes first bout of the year.  The teams were black vs. white and white broke out as our first lead jammer of the year!  The most noticeable change in our Cadettes this year is how much they have improved!  Dedication and continued training, even in the off season, has shown that they have what it takes to knock your skates off.  The final score of the game was 32-8, white victorious!

The main bout of the night kicked off shortly after.  Our first two home teams playing were the Rollin Ninjas, coached by Bobby Light and Foxy Vicious, and the Rolling Rebel Alliance, aka RRA, coached by Angeroo and Iliac Attack!  There was a lot of fan buzz for the two new home teams.  Ninja masks were sighted throughout the rink and some local Jedi’s were there to keep an eye out for the dark side.

Some changes to note immediately was the fact that blockers are starting in diagonal walls aligned two and two.  Also, the jammers start on the other side of the track and blockers must cross the pivot line before ANY interactions with the jammer can occur.  Finally, jammers score one point each time they make it through the pack and an extra point for lead jammer, the status which could change during the jam.  So jammers better kick into high gear or risk losing their lead jammer status!

The first whistle blew and it wasn’t long before the Ninjas pulled ahead.  RRA threw some points up on the board but the gap just kept getting wider with Ninjas gaining a 20 point lead.  With the first half close to over, RRA threw a little back and managed to close the gap and end the half with the score 30-31, RRA!  The Ninjas started the second half with a clear game plan, put RRA back in their place.  As the gap started to grow again, the crowd tensed waiting to see if RRA could pull another come back or if the Ninjas would emerge victorious.  The point spread slowly narrowed and with a few minutes left in the game, RRA gained a power jam, throwing points up as fast as the jammer could move.  It would not be enough though and the Ninjas won the first home game of the season 90-85!

The crowd erupted, feet and skates alike, stomped, and the fans lined the track to cheer on the players!  It was really amazing and many professed their love of derby renewed on this night.  Don’t miss the next home teams game when the Ninjas take on the Coastbusters, February 15th, at Skateworld.

SDRD and the home teams thank Skateworld, the refs, NSO’s and everyone involved who made this event such a success!

For more info and pictures, please visit us at and SanDiegoRollerDerby


2nd Annual Monster Smash

On October 30th, Skateworld and San Diego Roller Derby hosted their 2nd Annual Monster Smash.


Teams were drafted from SDRD’s own league onto two sides. White Zombies and Black Monsters.  Every skill level, including juniors, were divided up and the rivalry began!


The evening began with our own Samwise Banshee singing the National Anthem and what an amazing voice she has.  The whistle blew for the first jam and both jammers made it to the penalty box! The Monsters quickly picked up momentum, and lead jammer, and took the lead.  Both teams continued to battle it out with adults playing two jams followed by a round of juniors.  Both teams battled through to the first half but the Monsters led by 45 points with a score of 154 – 109.


The halftime show was not something to missed as Angeroo and B Stang executed jumps that left the crowd cheering and gasping at the same time.  The final attempt, made by B Stang, of 10 bodies was nearly a fail with his first attempt ending with a crash but he lapped back around, picked up speed and nailed it!  The 50/50 raffle winner was announced and did I mention that the proceeds are going to this month charity, The Polinsky’s Childrens Center.

The second half picked up speed as the Zombies attempted to close the 45 point gap.  They battled hard and managed to close the points gap to only 5 points!  The game was definitely on but the junior Monsters, playing the final jam, pulled off a 25 point jam and the game was over, 297-249, Monsters win!

Thank you to those who came out and supported the league.  A special thanks to Skateworld, our refs, announcers, and all the other volunteers who make this possible.



Be Your Own Hero: Boogiewoman #00

Hero Fist

Chovy Frohlich, is not only a phenomenal skater; she’s a businesswoman, mother, artist, and Vice President on the San Diego Roller Derby Board of Directors.  But where did this derby girl come from and how did she find her way to SDRD?  Let’s rewind a little ways and explore the uprising of Boogiewoman aka Boogie!


As a spectator, Boogie became a fan while watching the Windy City Rollers in 2007.  With fancy venues, crazy announcers, mascots and wild costumes, how could she not fall in love with the sport!  She even tried out for the team but not being able to skate, she was cut during the first round.  That did not stop her love or drive to learn this sport.  Walking down the street in Ocean Beach one day, she spotted a girl wearing a Windy City Rollers Shirt and said “Hey! I know them – that’s roller derby.”  The girl, known by the name of Stella Sabotage, a transfer skater from Chicago, quickly recruited Boogie to try out for the San Diego Derby Dolls.  And so her derby life began.


After training for 7 months, Boogie made the team and played in 5 games before taking a break for the arrival of her handsome son.  During this time, she continued to learn refereeing and helped coach the newbies.  She met several SDRD skaters here before they made the switch.  Sensing that the league was no longer a good fit, Boogie almost quit before being recruited to SDRD and has called it her home ever since.  Boogie has played on every level team that SDRD has to offer and is currently a member of the Starlettes, SDRD’s “A” team.  She has recently discovered her love for Co-Ed bouts and hitting boys with everything she’s got!

In her everyday life, Boogie is currently a super organized Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a small architecture and construction firm.  This background has worked really well for her in her league job, Vice President of Board of Directors.  Her job is wide and varied and includes anything from checking in on all the various aspects/jobs within the league to helping resolve conflict/issues with the skaters.  Her skills do not stop there!  She has also been a full time stay at home mom, a psychotherapist for trauma and abuse, and a self-employed oil painter – specializing in people and pet portraits.

BoogieprideThe name Boogiewoman was created while she was trying to pick something scary but fun at the same time.  Showing her unique sense of humor, Boogiewoman B00 was created, a spoof on Boogeyman with a feminine twist.  WFTDA eventually made her drop the B in her number and fellow skaters started calling her Boogie for short.  But don’t let her fun attitude fool you, she’s as serious about training off the track as she is on.  Boogie runs 3 miles and swims 1600 meters twice a week! She also gets a monthly pedicure to keep her feet in top shape……

Asking what her favorite thing about derby is, Boogie could only supply a list showing how deep her dedication and love is.

1.  The way it connects me to my body and pushes me to be stronger, skate better, and be faster.

2.  Hitting because nothing feels better than doing it legally.

3.  Strategy – the game is so complex and rich, I never get tired of thinking about it.

4.  It’s democratic – every female (and male) body is welcomed and an asset to the team.

5. The support from your team!

Boogie’s advice – “The only way to learn is by trying, so don’t just watch from the sidelines.  If you are new,
someone (Splint Her, now skating with Gotham) once told me “all you have to do to succeed in derby is show up to practice and to stick around for a few years – most people just give up before they get really good”.

Boogie action

Visit Boogiewoman’s FaceBook page:


Be Your Own Hero: ZITO # 28

Hero Fist

Zito # 28 aka Sarah Newbom Zito, had no idea that the joke e-mail her friend sent her 3 ½ years ago would have such an impact on her life. Who knew something like roller derby even existed? Eight wheels and one week later found Zito, an ex rink rat/figure skater, learning that little thing known as derby love!

Zito First Game

Zito has always been a one league kinda girl and started her career with San Diego Roller Derby, first playing with the Rockettes (currently known as the Bandettes) and now with the Starlettes, SDRD’s travel “A” team. Her involvement doesn’t stop there! Zito, wanting to share her love for derby with anyone interested, is one of the leagues “Newbie” coordinators, welcoming new faces and helping them get where they need to be. She also started the Cadettes program, a junior division for kids aged 8-17, where SDRD’s future derby players are born.

Outside of derby, you can find Zito working her magic as a hairstylist or working with a non profit to help place high school exchange students in the US. She can also be found in the gym a few times a week taking the circuit, yoga, kettlebell, or boot camp classes, and if your lucky, you can catch her in Zumba!


Originally going by the name Split Endz (because of her day job), she eventually changed to her much loved nickname of Zito, since that’s what everyone calls her anyways. The # 28 is the age she has been happily celebrating for the last 13 years and for many years to come! Always friendly and willing to help out, Zito has become a smiling face that is always ready to roll and pitch in where needed.

Personal Note from Zito:

My favorite thing about derby is “the feeling of accomplishing something that I didn’t think I could. I never ever leave the rink wishing I’d stayed home. I love the people I have met in derby. SDRD feels like my long lost family!” My personal advice – “Show up! Especially when you don’t feel like it! It makes you a better person.”


If you would like to read more about Zito, check her out at:

Derby ain’t cheap! Help send Zito to Nationals:


San Diego Roller Derby’s August Charity.


The winner of the highest bid, Juno Escarme, cutting Starlette Captain Lady Diesel’s hair for locks of love.

Its August SDRD fans!  This means our season is more than half over, but we still have tons of exciting things to come.  This month we not only have a double header on the 12th, when the Starlettes and the Aftershock take on the Bakersfield men and women, we also have a Cadettes bout that day.  It is also time to let you all in on our philanthropic efforts for this month.

We have a very special event for our halftime show on the 12th.  Locks of Love will be at the bout to accept donations of hair.  These donations are made into wigs for children who have hair loss due to medical conditions.  We have a few SDRD members donating and we encourage fans get in on the fun and donate also.  Thos who are brave enough to take the snip will be treated to a new style by the wonderful hair artists of Millicent Salon in La Mesa.  We might even auction the opportunity to cut an SDRD skater’s hair to the highest bidder!

Starlette, Split Endz, cuts Rockette Nicci Two Skates down to size

This year is also the third year San Diego Roller Derby will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event. This 24 hour event is a walk at the Embarcadero. Teams are required to have at least one person walking the track at all times for 24 hours. This year the event kicks off on the 18th and SDRD skaters and staff will set up camp with the 67 other teams. It is a great day and night of camping in the middle of the city, sleeping and walking in shifts, laughter, and a way we have shown our strength as a team for the third year running (or walking as the case may be).  If you are interested on particapating, contact Hope to see you at our August 12 bout held at San Diego’s  last remaining roller rink, Skate World, located at 6907 Linda Vista Rd.

SDRD Invites you to Classics Malt Shop DERBY HOP!

We hope that you can join us on Friday, August 3rd, at Classics Malt Shop featuring SDRD as carhops! We will be serving you some authentic all American food, on our skates! Your tips will help build travel funds for our away games, and all we need is for you to bring your family and friends, and come hungry!

We will also be having a bake sale, so make sure you save some room for dessert. The money raised from the bake sale will benefit our skater, Wicked Angel, in her efforts to join the SDRD Starlettes in Boise, Idaho. They will be participating in the 3rd Annual Spudtown Knockdown Tournament.  Our skaters are EXCELLENT bakers, you do not want to miss out! While we help you satisfy your sweet tooth,  you can help get our Wicked to Idaho!

Meet Wicked Angel #1904: She is famous for her pink skates, strength, and amazing skating skills. She’s one of SDRD’s outstanding jammers and a vital part of the Starlettes.


For more information about our event, click here.


Join San Diego Roller Derby for the Pride Parade July 21st!

Wanna do something fun and support two important causes at the same time? Then come roll out with your favorite derby skaters from San Diego Roller Derby this year in support of the San Diego Pride festival and the American Red Cross! San Diego Pride festival is part of a nationwide event to promote pride and respect for everyone in the LGBT community through awareness of their core values: Diversity, Respect, Honesty, and Integrity. The American Red Cross provides support to everyone ranging from blood donations to support services in times of disaster; it is unique in that it is not a government agency but instead relies on the charitable contributions of volunteers’ time, money and blood donations.

So come be a part of something amazing, don your roller skates, and help support San Diego Roller Derby along with the American Red Cross and the San Diego Pride festival for what’s sure to be a good time for all!


The annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is the 4th largest in the United States attracting over 197,000 cheering spectators and significant media participation.

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time: 11:00 am

Location: The parade begins at University Ave. and Normal Street, proceeds west on University Avenue to 6th Avenue, turns south on 6th Avenue, ending at Balboa Drive and Upas Street.

Route: 1.5 miles | 2 hours

Hidden City Derby Girls v San Diego Roller Derby “The Bandettes” Rematch

The two teams met again after they faced each other in April and the Bandettes took home the win; HCDG were here with a vengeance. The whistle blew and the first jam was on.

Bandettes had a different game this time, as for the first time in a while they switched up their roles and players took on new positions. They had some of their regular jammers for blockers and blockers for jammers. Boogie Woman, Neuralize Her and Stella Hot Mess are some of the many great blockers they have but now this time around they were the Bandettes awesome jammers. Boogie Woman, Neuralize Her and Stella Hot Mess got through that tough pack and broke through those HCDG walls, But oh no it was not as easy at it sounds, Hidden City made it hard for our jammers to get lead jammer status.

Jam after jam the Bandettes rocked the rink.! They were breaking up Hidden City strong walls, knocking down jammers and moving Hidden City blockers out of the way. HCDG had some great jammers, Roxy Knockout and MotorCrush gave the Bandettes a fight for lead jammer status. SueWeddyBetty (HCDG blocker) knocked jammers down, and moved blockers out of her jammers way. But the Bandettes re-grouped quickly and jammers got back up fast to get through the pack.

Second half began with the Bandettes in the lead with a score of 127-33. Bandettes had some great teamwork, great walls, and most importantly they had good communication. Nicci Two Skates and Sugar Britches had the pivot role during most of the game and boy did they know how to pivot.! They both knew when to slow down,speed up, trap, and just knock those jammers down. They both had some of many great hits that night, another great blocker with noticeably great hits was, Snow Bunny on Wheelz. She moved girls outta way and if they didn’t move she knocked em down.

Towards the end of the game the Bandettes had the win in the bag, but Hidden City put up a hell of a fight until the last jam.

WreckLiz Cherry jammed her butt off until the last whistle blew ending the game with the Bandettes as the WINNERS, with a score of 259-54!
As always it is great please and honor to play HCDG as they are a great team, with great attitudes and the best sportsmanship.

Thank you ladies of HCDG until we meet again on the track.

**Shout Out to Butterfly Crush 911 who unfortunately got injured during the first couple jams
of the game. Hoping you heal fast and SDRD Bandettes will see you soon.



Written by Jazz Ramirez

Mar 16 – Starlettes at OC Rollergirls

Apr 27 – Bandettes at V-Town

May 11 – Starlettes in Texas

May 26 – Comettes vs Five Cities

Aug 24 – Bandettes vs JetCity CarnEvil

Feb 15- Home Team Bout

San Diego Roller Derby presents Home Team Roller Derby! This year 3 mixed level home teams will be playing for the John Hall Cup.

This is our Game 2 of Season 1 featuring the Rollin Ninjas vs the Coastbusters.

Come out to see coed juniors, the Cadettes in the pre bout.

Grab your tickets in advance from any skater or by calling the rink at (858) 560-9349
Advance tickets: $10
At the door: $12
Kids 5 & under: Free

Doors open at 5PM…juniors 5:15, main bout 6. Get your derby on!


Coastbusters LogoRollin Ninja Logo

San Diego Roller Derby donates and volunteers with the Street Angels

San Diego Roller Derby is a league who aims to help and support surrounding communities. One of the non-profit organizations we’ve been excited to be a part of is Street Angels. They are a volunteer-based outreach ministry that hits the streets four times a month to reach out to the estimated 6,000 homeless young people sleeping on the streets of San Diego each night. We pass out supplies, a warm meal, and distribute resources on shelters, youth services, medical care, and job opportunities. San Diego Roller Derby has been volunteering with Street Angels to hand out water, meals, supplies and donated clothing to the homeless youth and homeless population.

SDRD last outing with Street Angels was on April 24th, the league provided 40 meals, snacks, water, and hygiene supplies and donated clothing. It was exciting to see a big outcome of people, more than 28 people, who showed compassion, hope and grace.

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month Street Angels meet in Ocean Beach, as well as the 2nd and 4th Tuesday night of the month in Downtown. Street Angels do not ask for anything in return, the appreciation and gratitude from the homeless population is enough to keep donating and volunteering every month.

If you wish to donate, volunteer or just want to come out and walk with us to see what this great organization is all about please contact: or visit their website


Street Angels

3090 Polk Ave.

San Diego,Ca. 92104

Here is a list of items that are always needed and much appreciated

*White crew socks (new)

(Travel Size)




*Body wash


*Tampons and pads


*Hand sanitizers (small bottle)


*Toilet paper

*Bottled water

*Any First aid supplies

Our next outings with Street Angels will be

-May 12th in Ocean Beach

-May 22nd in Downtown

We look forward to every outing with Street Angels.

Connecting our web presence

Hey all.  We’ve just connected our website and our Twitter account.  Now our Twitter followers will get updated when we add a post to our websites.  So they’ll be able to more easily follow the league.

Apr 19 – Coed vs. Chorizo & Eggs

Saturday, April 19th, 5pm

6907 Linda Vista Rd

San Diego, CA

Come cheer on San Diego COed, against Santa Ana’s Chorizo & Eggs. We loved playing with Chorizo & Eggs during our recent bout in Mexico, and we can’t wait to play them again!Pre-bout will be a half hour rematch between home teams Roller Rebel Alliance and the Rollin’ Ninjas. Wear orange and blue to support the Alliance, or black and purple in honor of the Ninja crew.Join our Facebook event for all the updates!

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