Be a roller derby girl for a Day., Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be a roller derby girl for a Day., Saturday, March 31, 2012.

San Diego – Discover Your Inner Tough Girl

Fox 5 broadcast – Be a roller derby chick for the day

Starlettes compete at Dustbowl Invitational

This past weekend, the San Diego Roller Derby Starlettes travelled to Bakersfield, CA to compete in the Dustbowl Invitational tournament. Thirteen teams participated in this tournament; eleven teams were from California and two from Colorado.

Last year, the Starlettes placed fourth in this tournament, just missing placing in the top three. They were determined to bring their level of play to a higher level this year as their home practices have become more exclusive, which has made it easier for them to focus on their skills as a team.

The Starlettes were seeded third in the tournament, which gave them a pass from playing the first round of bouts Saturday morning. Their first bout was in the afternoon against Choice City Rebels from Fort Collins, Colorado. The Starlettes had some trouble this bout keeping their pack together and getting their jammers through, but ended up winning for a final score of 57 to 43. This put them in contention to play Team Cruz, the second seeded team, on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning brought unfavorable weather conditions for the outdoor tournament as the cold and rain settled in. Luckily the skating surface was covered so the tournament could still go on, but raindrops managed to drip onto the floor. Volunteers scrambled to wipe drops of rain off the track throughout the day.

As their first game started that day, Starlettes drew first blood against Team Cruz, which was made up of All-Star players such as Demanda Riot, Tara Armov, Lulu Lockjaw and several more. They had lead jammer status the first two jams, with Irie Strider’s agility and Icepax’s artistic backward skating proving to be difficult for Team Cruz to predict. But Team Cruz quickly showed their All-Star skill level and adapted quickly, preventing Starlettes from getting lead jammer for most of the rest of the thirty minute bout. The 4Closer, an All-Star player from Sacred City, proved to be an especially challenging jammer for the Starlettes as she powered through walls and played defense with Starlettes’ jammers. Her performance this tournament won her MVP Jammer. Final score was Team Cruz 114, Starlettes 26. However, Starlettes didn’t go down easy; Lady Diesel laid a powerful backwards hit onto infamous Bay Area player Demanda Riot that sent her flying backwards onto the floor! The whole crowd, refs, announcers, and all held their breath and gasped as Demanda is not normally one to be taken out, ever! Incidentally, this hit earned Lady Diesel MVP Blocker of the tournament!

Next game was later in the afternoon against SR-99, a pickup team made up of players that live along highway SR-99 in California. They had strong players on their roster that included Silent Disasster from Angel City as well as Lemon Drop and Kiki Diazz from the San Diego Derby Dolls All-Stars. Unfortunately, the leaks from the roof were increasing and the tournament staff had to delay the tournament. Buckets were placed strategically to catch the rain and the players waited anxiously to find out if they weregoing to be able to continue the tournament. It was getting quite cold, and the skaters decided to form a ‘conga’ line to keep warm. Some players from San Diego, Orange County, and Team Cruz joined ranks and skated the floor like this until the decision was made to continue with the tournament. Adrenaline skyrocketed as the crowd let out a loud cheer of excitement and anticipation. SR-99 lined up with the Starlettes and the first jam finally began.

From the start of this bout, Starlettes defense was above par. Though SR-99 posed some hard hits and strong jams, they were unable to open the impenetrable walls of Starlettes players such as Marcy Slayground, Ortega Chile and Rumble Pie. Starlette power jammer Wicked Angel weaved her way through SR-99 defense and Starlette blocker Brigg em Down showed her strength as not only a powerful blocker but an agile, smart jammer as well. Starlette Berle Scout shined as offensive blocker and was able to create holes for her jammers to power through. Another shining moment of this bout occurred when Starlette veteran Bully Julie ended up being last line of defense for her pack; at the last minute she stepped in front of SR-99’s jammer. This caught SR-99’s jammer off gurad and she fell on top of Bully Julie, causing the opposing jammer to receive a major penalty and time in the box creating a POWER JAM situation for the Starlettes! Final score this bout was Starlettes 81, SR-99 43.

Next up the Starlettes would take on Ventura County VenDolls. These two teams were very familiar with one another, as they have played each other several times in the past year. Though the Starlettes have been victorious over the VenDolls in full-length bouts, they had lost to the VenDolls previously in a thirty minute bout in a tournament last Spring; would this prove to be the same case this time? Starlettes, however, were on a roll and the momentum from their previous win carried into this game. Starlettes blockers proved impossible for VenDolls jammers to get around. Starlettes blockers Split Endz and first-time Starlette player Iliac Attack also did their part to hold off the powerful hits and blocks from the VenDolls and prevent the opposing jammer from getting through. Unfortunately this bout was called off only fifteen minutes into the thirty minute game due to collection of rainwater on the track. The tournament was called as it proved to be to risky for the skaters to continue. Final score after fifteen minutes Starlettes 30, VenDolls 9.

Had the tournament continued, Starlettes would’ve gone on to play long-time rivals Orange County team Blockwork Orange, the top seed for the tournament. As it stood the tournament officials awarded Team Cruz first place, Orange County second place, and the Starlettes took home the third place trophy! They had proved to themselves and their fans that hard work and persistence pay off. Congratulations San Diego Roller Derby Starlettes!!!!


If this leaves you wanting more, come see the Starlettes play LIVE at their next home bout Saturday, April 28th as they take on first-time opponents V-Town Derby Dames. Starlettes have been on a home-bout winning streak since August 2010- will V-Town prove to be their downfall??? Be there to catch the action in person!

Apr 28, 2012 – Starlettes vs. V Town Derby Dames

6907 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego,CA 92111


San Diego’s premiere flat track roller derby league is back in action for 2012 with the only flat-track derby bouts to be held within the city limits of San Diego for 2012.

LINDA VISTA/SAN DIEGO, CA March 29, 2012 – San Diego Roller Derby’s original ladies team, the Starlettes, will play their second home game of the 2012 season on Saturday, April 28th at Skateworld in Linda Vista. The Starlettes are taking on the V Town Derby Dames from Visalia, CA. Doors will open at 5:00 pm and San Diego Roller Derby’s up and coming juniors team – The Cadettes will start the derby filled evening at 5:15 with a mini bout.

The Starlettes are undefeated at home since August of 2010 and are now in their 3rd full season. They are coming off a huge success recently placing 3rd in the Dustbowl Tournament in Bakersfield, CA out of 13 roller derby teams. The Starlettes team captain, Lady Diesel was named MVP Blocker of the tournament and describes how her and the Starlettes are going to continue this momentum to take on the V Town Derby Dames. “We learned a lot as a team at the tournament and now know what to focus on in this next month of training for the upcoming bout.” Coach B Stang is helping the ladies of the Starlettes focus their energy by having them dissect the pictures from the tournament as a team. This is an additional way the ladies can learn and grow from the tournament to prepare for this upcoming bout.

SDRD plays all home bouts at Skateworld, the last remaining roller rink in the City of San Diego.  Skateworld is located at 6907 Linda Vista Rd., San Diego, CA 92111.  Tickets are $12 general admission and children, ages five and under, are free.  Ticket prices include admission to the open skating session immediately following the game (skate rental extra). Tickets are available on line up to 9:00 a.m. day of the bout. Tickets will be available at the door until sold out.

San Diego Roller Derby has donated proceeds from each home game to help various non-profit groups in San Diego.  The charity for this bout will be the San Diego Humane Society. Serving San Diego County since 1880, The San Diego Human Society and SPCA provide vital services to animals and people alike.

About San Diego Roller Derby (SDRD) San Diego Roller Derby, established 2008, is a WFTDA inspired roller derby league.  As a skater operated organization, SDRD is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of the skaters while being upstanding community figures and participating in local events and activities.  San Diego Roller Derby is also committed to bringing awareness of a competitive amateur sport by promoting the advancement of athletics through training and instruction from a skilled coaching team.  SDRD prides itself on the excellent training provided by a committed coaching staff which has over 50 years of skating experience between them.  John Hall, of the legendary Los Angeles Thunderbirds, is also affiliated with SDRD and takes part in training this enterprising group of women as a guest coach.  We serve our goals to skate the sport of roller derby regionally as well as on a national level and provide each skater with personal growth through physical fitness and charitable causes.

May 19, 2012 – Women

Jul 7, 2012 – Starlettes vs. Undead Bettys














MVP Jammer: Buns of Fury
MVP Blocker: Ice Pax

Jul 14, 2012 – Starlettes vs Humboldt – Away

SDRD’s Starlettes will be going on the road to play against Humboldt Roller Derby

Aug 12, 2012 – Starlettes vs. Bakersfield & Aftershocks vs Slick City

DOUBLE HEADER: Come support SDRD’s Starlettes and Aftershocks as they battle it against the Bakersfield Diamond Divas and the Slick City Rollerz!

Where: Skateworld

Bout 1: SDRD’s Starlettes vs Bakersfield Diamond Divas 

Bout 2: SDRD’s Aftershock vs Slick City Rollerz

Featured Charity: Relay For Life 2012

Tickets: $12


Purchase tickets here!




Aug 19, 2012 – Starlettes vs. ACDG Scarlets – Away

Follow the Starlettes on the road as they travel to Los Angeles, CA to take on the Hollywood Scarlets


Sep 1, 2012 – Starlettes at Spudtown Knockdown – Away

This will be the 3rd Annual Spudtown Knockdown hosted by the Treasure Valley Roller Girls. The Starlettes will be traveling to Boise, Idaho representing SDRD in the tournament!


Sep 15, 2012 – Starlettes vs OC Roller Girls

Come support SDRD’s Starlettes as they battle it against the Orange County Roller Girls!


Main Bout: SDRD’s Starlettes vs Orange County Roller Girls

*Opening bout featuring SDRD’s Cadettes

Featured Charity: TBA

Tickets: $12, stay and skate after the bout for free or join us at the after party hosted by SDRD and Tio Leo’s

Purchase tickets here!


Sep 16, 2012 – C-Team vs. SFV Roller Derby

Invite all your friends and family who wish to attend this Sunday morning game featuring SDRD’s C team vs SFVRD, a newely formed derby team from the LA area!

Cost: $5 at the door

Time: Doors at 10:00am

Where: 6907 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111

Oct 28, 2012 – Halloween Monster Smash

Monsters Vs Zombies

Doors open at 5:30pm and the game starts at 6pm.
Coed and junior roller derby.
$10 in advance and $12 at the door, Children 5 and under are free.

Children who want to trick-or-treat at the bout must show up in costume.Halftime will feature Sparkle Motion, an 80’s tribute dance explosion and a Costume Contest with prizes awarded to the top three finishers.Show up as a Monster (Black/Green) or a Zombie (Red/White) and get a special prize.Tickets can be purchased by your favorite derby player or by stopping by Skateworld’s ticket office Monday-Friday 10am-5pm or during Public Sessions.

For more info check out the Facebook event page or call Skateworld at (858)560-9349.

SDRD’s November Charity

words alive home

November 12th is the Bandettes last home game at Skateworld and we are proud to have Words Alive as our charity. Words Alive exists to inspire children, young adults and families to be passionate about reading in order to unlock their imagination and to be better prepared for the future.

Did you know that less than one-third of 13-year-olds read for pleasure? Words Alive is a dedicated team working hard every day to create and provide solutions to this very serious issue. They are advocates for reading.

They focus on underserved communities and at-risk youth. Sessions develop cognitive and verbal skills, instill a love of reading and books, and enhance self-esteem. They also allow young readers to understand their own personal experience and how it relates to a larger context. They demonstrate that reading can be a dynamic, magical, and fun part of life, and that a commitment to reading contributes to personal and professional success.

Words Alive was established in May 1999 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by founder Leslye Lyons, a voracious reader and professional book group facilitator. After scanning San Diego’s literacy landscape, she found that while there were numerous programs providing one-on-one literacy tutoring teaching functionally illiterate individuals how to read, there were few programs that demonstrated that reading could be fun and enjoyable.

Today, Words Alive serves more than 1,000 at-risk, undeserved, low-income children, teens and adults with its innovative, integrated programming approach. Our programs complement school curricula designed for children and youth who have become disengaged from school, are not learning in traditional school programs or do not meet public school performance guidelines. Programs also support parents and caregivers in their efforts to encourage a love of reading and books in their children.

Words Alive believes that reading is a fundamental skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. By going into classrooms, meeting parents, and working with book groups, they bring the written word to children and students who have not been exposed to or have lost interest in reading.

Donations: We invite you to consider making a tax-deductible gift in whatever amount you can afford. Each dollar you donate to our programs and services is an investment in the education and future of a child. Donations can be mailed to the following address:

Phone: (858) 274-WORDS (9673)
Fax: (858) 274-9675
Click here to e-mail Words Alive
5111 Santa Fe Street, Suite 219
San Diego, CA 92109

Rehab United Bike MS Team

Bike MS - Bike to Create a World Free of MS

In support of our community San Diego Roller Derby’s charity of the month is the MS Bike Bay to Bay (Rehab United Bike MS Team) on October 22nd during our game vs. the OC Roller Girls.

The Rehab United Bike MS Team began in 2005 with 6 riders – since then has grown to nearly 40 riders annually and raised over $100,000! Riding 100-150 miles is nowhere near as difficult as confronting a lifetime with multiple sclerosis. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society gives us all reason to hope, though; in addition to supporting novel research projects around the globe, they provide much needed education, programs, and services to everyone who is affected by MS – including the diagnosed, their friends and families, and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

Bike MS Bay to Bay tour supports the National MS Society’s mission to create a world free of multiple sclerosis, the most common neurological disorder leading to disability in young adults. Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with more than twice as many women as men being diagnosed with the disease. MS affects more than 450,000 people in the U.S., and 2.5 million worldwide.

Visit support this great cause! Any amount helps!

Sep 24, 2011 – SDRD Starlettes vs VCDD Vendolls

This past September 24th, SDRD’s Starlettes met with the VCDD Vendolls, yet again. Both teams battled it out on the track recently (June, 2011) at the Vendolls home in Ventura, CA, ending in a win for the Starlettes.

The evening began with a 30 minute bout with players from our men’s team, the Aftershocks, our B team, the Bandettes, and also included returning veteran skater, Sweet Pain. Both teams played as Black vs White featuring up and coming blockers such as Skaterbuilt, Bones Thugs and Disharmony and Bronze Vixen, and up and coming jammers, Iliac Attack, Soulrider and Tomikaze.

After the Black vs White game ended, the main teams skated onto the track for what would mark the second consecutive win for the Starlettes vs the Vendolls. It was a close, hard-hitting, action packed bout including, Marcy Slayground, Berle Scout and MVP of the night, Buns of Fury doing their best at blocking, together with the rest of the Starlettes blockers. The Vendoll’s players included many hard hitting ladies, like Vendetta Vixen and MVP of the night, Az Sassin. They most definitely posed a threat for the Starlettes, by playing a smart and strong game and building walls that seemed to be made out of bricks, literally.
Both teams put the best of their abilities and skills to work and fought hard but in the end, it was the Starlettes who took the win, with of close score of 147 Starlettes to 130 VenDolls. MVP jammer of the night went to Starlettes, Wonder Whoop’em and Vendolls Chronic Speed for getting through the pack with ferocity!

Our next bout will be taking place October 22nd, 2011 at Skateworld, the last standing roller rink in San Diego County. SDRD will be hosting another double header! This time around it’ll be against OCRG; Starlettes vs Wheel Housewives of OC and Bandettes vs. Pulp Friction. It’ll be the last game of the season for the Starlettes so please buy your tickets in support your favorite roller girl! For more event and ticket information, please visit

Photography by: George Medina (SoulCaptor)

This Month’s Charity

This month, San Diego Roller Derby is honored to have The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society as our charity.  Donations and 50/50 raffle will support this nobel cause. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a private non-profit charitable organization. It is sponsored by the Department of the Navy and operates nearly 250 offices ashore and afloat at Navy and Marine Corps bases throughout the world. The Society was incorporated in the District of Columbia and has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. It is managed by a Board of Directors whose members are active duty or retired members of the Naval Services, or spouses of active duty or retired members of the Naval Services. Their mission is to provide in partnership with the navy and marine corps, financial, educational, and other assistance to the members of the Naval Services of the United States, eligible family members, and other survivors when in need: and to receive and manage funds to administer these programs. I hope others will honor their military heroes by joining us in stepping up during these difficult economic times and aiding those who turn to this great organization when in need.

Jun 18, 2011 – Starlettes vs Hard Corps

On June 18th, the Starlettes played one of the most anticipated games in the history of San Diego Roller Derby. Our guest this time around was the SDDD Hard Corps. It was a very exciting game, full of hip checks, jammers skating at the speed of light and most of all, lots of blocker on blocker action! The fans of roller derby in America ’s finest city came for a show and the teams sure did deliver.
The evening began with SDRD’s junior league, The Cadettes, who are coached by our very own Bully Julie and Coach B. Stang. All the Cadettes played skated to the very best of their abilities, but the most outstanding players this game were Booty Bumper and Rollin Angel. Their on skate skills bumped the evening to what would turn out to be a fast rolling night.
Shortly after the Cadettes thrilling game, the first whistle was blown by Bandettes’ Captain and sometimes Starlettes Ref, Nicci Two Skates. The Starlettes and Hard Corps began rolling on the track. The first line to go out was lead by Ortega Chile as pivot, Brigg Em’ Down, Marcy Slayground and I.B. Rascal. The second line was lead by pivot, Robyn Ur Pride, Sugar Britches, Bully Julie and Buns of Fury. With two solid lines covering the first half of this bout, jammer’s, Wicked Angel, Dee Troit and Icepax (captain) zipped around the track to score points leaving the Hard Corps behind by a 30 point difference.

By the second half, Ortega Chile decided her line needed something sweet, and she added some Rumble Pie to it. Sugar was the last thing from Rumble’s mind as she came to the floor dolling out thundering hits instead. Snow Bunny on Wheelz came in as a jammer, giving Wicked Angel a chance to go on Robyn Ur Pride’s line, and show off her blocking skills. Rumor has it that the word in the crowd was that “Wicked Angel was killing the opposing team” and indeed she was!! The Starlettes fought hard for every single point, as the Hard Corps were not easy to defeat. However, they skated strong and played as a true team. With the rowdy fans pumping up the energy in the rink San Diego Roller Derby took the win Starlettes 125- San Diego Derby Dolls Hard Corps 77.SDRD would like to thank the SDDD Hard Corps for coming out to Skateworld. It was an absolute pleasure playing with you ladies! A big thank you to all of our fans for your continued support, we love you!

Get ready for our upcoming double header, taking place on July 16th, 2011 at Skateworld. We’ve invited the Undead Betties and Hidden City Roller Girls to play against out Starlettes and Bandettes! This will be a super exciting event and you don’t want to miss it!! Purchase your tickets at or from your favorite derby girl.

Door of Hope

TLC Program

The Transitional Living Center offers homeless women and their children a safe and nurturing environment to rebuild a stable, productive lifestyle. They are counseled in parenting, anger management, and domestic violence. The TLC strives to help women discover their passions and talents and find ways to fulfill their dreams.
With extensive career counseling, the women find new, satisfying jobs; learn to budget, and are able to save 80 % of their income each month. The families may stay at TLC for up to one year and 85% of TLC residents move into independent housing after that time. It’s not easy. The moms at TLC have tremendous courage. It is not easy to start all over. The Salvation Army loves and supports these moms and their children.
Nearly 1/4 of San Diego’s homeless are mothers with children. Many have lost jobs or fled domestic abuse. Being homeless is a traumatic experience for anyone; just imagine what it is like for a child. The TLC program has been in operation since 1998 and continues to serve women and children in San Diego County.

The Haven Program is a long term residential treatment group home for pregnant and parenting teens and their babies. Here young women learn how to parent their infants while growing in personal, emotional, and spiritual strength. They learn structure and they thrive with their babies in this encouraging environment. Program activities and group sessions are conducted in a baby friendly atmosphere, where families, visitors, and guests are welcome. The Haven has two units with a total of 20 beds for pregnant and/or parenting teens and their children. The young women at the Haven are able to stay until they reach the age of 18, most of them have had a very distressing childhood and now for the first time they are able to thrive in a safe and comfortable environment. This Salvation Army program has been in operation since the 1930’s and continues to serve teenagers and their babies within the San Diego community.

Wish List Items:
Bath Towels and Wash Clothes
Twin Sheets
Baby Wipes/powder/cream/shampoo/wash
Body Wash
Gift Cards

For more information about the Salvation Army’s programs in San Diego County, please visit –

Pizza viewing party Saturday May 14th!

San Diego Roller Derby is holding a viewing party at Joe’s Pizza in Clairemont Mesa! Join us today, Saturday May 14th as we cheer on our teammates while watching them bout on the big screen at Joe’s! We will be streaming the event LIVE via Derby News Network. Get your friends and family together and head on down for pizza, beer and roller derby!
Joe’s Pizza
5583 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego 92117

Renegade Roller Derby bout…

Last night I went down to National City with several compadres from SDRD to watch a “Renegade Roller Derby” bout. The promise of “no holds barred” bout was something to think about.

It certainly was something else.  As the program says, there are no penalties.  There are rules of some kind,  but what’s the point?  Anyway,  there are three 15 minute periods, no timeout (except for injuries) and no refs.  The jams last one minute and can’t be called off.  The jammer makes it through the pack and then she scores three points for every time she laps the other teams skaters. The place had a nice track for the bout and they certainly had a fair share of vocal fans.

The skaters can do anything they want, cut the track, use elbows or even take downs.  This results in some fighting here and there.  Then there are three or four guys in the middle who come over to separate them.  The jammers and the blockers all started at the same whistle,and the track was about a third smaller than the WFTDA one.

It really wasn’t my kind of show, overall.  I like spectacles, but here it didn’t quite feel as if there was a flow.  The skaters did their best to entertain the crowd, for sure, it was just lacking either the all out sports entertainment aspect or a more athletic contest.  These things can probably coexist within the same sport, but it’s not been my experience to see it.

It was still  a fun evening overall and I really enjoyed the company.

Please help us find a missing derby husband!

The husband of one of our derby sisters has been missing since Tuesday, May 3rd. Nic Hamilton is an active duty Navy sailor who has been suffering from PTSD in recent months. His family needs our help in finding him.

UPDATE: Nic has been found! San Diego Roller Derby would like to thank everyone in their efforts this week to bring Nic home. We are happy to be “whole” again. Please continue to pray and keep Nic and Amanda Hamilton in your thoughts as they get Nic the care he needs.

The San Diego Audubon Society will be the charity for the next bout!

That’s right! The San Diego Audubon Society will be the charitable group being promoted at this month’s San Diego Roller Derby bout! SDRD helps out a local charitable cause at each of their home bouts – and this month it’s the San Diego Audubon Society! You will not want to miss this event! Not only will you enjoy some great roller derby, but there will also be opportunity drawings where you have a chance to win some great prizes!

San Diego Audubon Society will also have a booth set up at the bout where you can get more information about how they are working to protect birds and other wildlife through education, while advocating for a cleaner, healthier environment. Pick up info on upcoming San Diego Audubon events and how you can get involved. All the action happens on Saturday, May21st. Tickets are $12 general admission and children 5 and under are FREE! Your ticket also gets you entry to the open skate session following the bout, so you can stay and skate afterward (skate rental is an extra $4). If that’s not for you, then be sure to check out the after party where you can have a chance to hang out with all the derby gals at the High Dive.

If you want to learn more about the San Diego Audubon Society you can check out their website at or like them on facebook at

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