WFTDA League

Dr. Danger


The Basics:
Grew up in: Poway, CA
Birthday: 8/11/81
Height: 5’2’’
Derby Name: Dr. Danger
Derby Number: 999
Skater position: Blocker
Current Team: Starlettes 
Started Derby: 5/5/2014

Fun Facts:
*Danger had an experimental open heart surgery as a baby and woke up during the procedure.
*She absolutely loves to go fly fishing.
*When she was six, she broke her arm trying to fly.

What do you love about derby?
“I love that this sport takes all types of people and celebrates each individual. There is a sense of belonging and sisterhood everywhere you go in the derbyverse. We are one giant functional dysfunctional family. It’s great.”

A Little Q&A:
What is your pre-derby skating/sports background?
“I grew up playing travel softball as a catcher and soccer as a goalie. I also played golf for my school team and won my first tournament (I was the only competitor, so I did a great job of beating myself). I was the first female in my school to join the wrestling team despite all the petitions and protests against having a female in the sport. I would go rock climbing on those rare weekends when I didn’t have a tournament and I loved to speed rappel.”

Do you train outside of practice? If so, what do you do?
“I go to the gym as often as possible. My focus is bodybuilding for bulk and strength. I tend to focus on one or two specific muscle groups during each workout as opposed to a whole body blast.”

What would you say, is your greatest strength so far? What would you like to improve?
“My greatest strength is my communication. I tend to be too aggressive on the track, so I spent this past off season working on my mental game and being able to focus my energy on strategy.”

What advice would you give to skaters just starting out, or still in skate school?
“I will have to pass on the best advice I received from Bully Julie, ‘wear your skates everywhere and all the time.’ They should feel as natural as a pair of shoes on you.”

How did you join derby?
“One day I was sitting at work, aimlessly searching the internet and came across the SDRD website. I saw a post that they wanted volunteers so I sent an email telling the league I was an EMT and wanted to volunteer. I worked my first game a couple weeks later and was hooked.”

How did you choose and/or what is the meaning of your derby name and number?
“My derby name is a play off Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. I started as our league’s medic (Dr. ) where everyone saw me as gentle and caring. Then I passed skills and everyone on my team said my eyes changed and I was out for blood. My number is 999 because ‘I am here to turn hell upside down’.”

This season, you made it onto the SDRD’s All Star team, what does that mean for you?
“I worked hard to get on this team but now that I am here I know it means I have to work even harder. My team has some amazingly talented athletes but so do our opponents and I have to work my ass off to be an asset to my team when they need me.”

It’s Game Day: What are you thinking about when you’re lacing up your skates?
“Once my uniform is on it’s all about staying calm and controlled.”

What is your day job/how do you support your derby habit?
“I am a Site Supervisor for a Government Security contract firm.”

SDRD is now officially a WFTDA league, we hear that you are SDRD’s WFTDA rep. Tell us a little about what that means.
“It helps to see WFTDA as the derby government and I am similar to a Senator. I represent the opinions and interests of my league while ensuring our business operates within the regulations set by WFTDA. I also have the honor of aiding our Officiating team in accomplishing WFTDA certification.”

Do you have any derby heroes?
“There are so many to choose from. My top 2 would be Demanda Riot and Fifi Nomenon.  I appreciate and can relate to their ferocity on the track but kindness off the track.”

Ever had a major derby related injury?
“Knock on wood, nothing that has kept me down for more than a couple weeks. I strained my IT Band in my first season which lead to a lot of man spreading since I couldn’t cross my legs.”

What’s your favorite food to fuel your derby body?
“I cleaned up my diet a lot in this last year. My favorite post practice meal is a skirt steak with mushrooms and broccoli.”

What’s your goal for the 2016 season?
To be a strength factor on the Starlettes and for us to work seamlessly together.”

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