WFTDA League



The Basics:
Hometown:​ San Diego
Birthday: ​September 24
Derby Name:​ KGB
Derby Number: ​1917
Years Skating: ​4 years in Sept.
Skater position:​ Jammer
Current Team(s): ​Rollin’ Ninjas and Bandettes

Fun Facts:
*Could Live off of Cheese.
*Has 4 Cats.
*Win or Lose, she has a “Victory Burrito” at Chipotle after every game.
*Huge nerd, comic book lover (DC or Marvel? …MARVEL!)

Derby Injuries:
*Broken Toe
*Broken Nose (Most Recent)

A Little Q& A:
How did you choose and/or what is the meaning of your derby name and number?
“In high school I became obsessed with learning about communist Russia history. So when I tried to think of a derby name I wanted something ‘badass’ and what’s more badass than Russia’s ruthless secret agents The KGB?! My derby number is the year that the Russian revolution began.”

What is your pre­derby skating/sports background?
“I did kempo and other martial arts for about 10 years, and wasn’t thrilled with the list of full contact sports high schools offered girls, that’s when I found derby.”

At this time, not many people can say they came from a junior derby program. You can. How did the junior program help you? What was it like transitioning into an adult derby league?
“Starting my derby career in a Jr program definitely took the edge off of transitioning to an adult league. Joining a derby league can be very intimidating, but knowing I already had some skills gave me the confidence to play with the big girls.”

What’s your preferred set of wheels to skate on?
“Round ones! For indoor skating I almost always use turbos, and for outside moxis.”

It’s game day: What are you thinking about when you’re lacing up your skates?
“I’m almost always beyond nervous and feel like I’m about to puke. I try and think of my strengths and let the adrenaline flow through me.”

Who’s your biggest fan?
“Not really, but I have a very motivational person. My Mom. She comes to just about every game I have and dresses for head to toe in the team colors. She also has a bullhorn and collection of signs accompanying her. When I’m jamming nothing motivates me more than watching her yell, jump, and scream at me.”

What’s your goal for the 2015 season?
“To have a bit more agility as a jammer, and to working on my apex jumping skills.”

Last Question: What would you say is your favorite thing about derby?
“I love the confidence it gives me on and off the track. After taking a hit from a girl almost twice your size you feel like you can achieve just about anything.”

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