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Loony Lolita


Jersey Number: 




Years Played: 

6 1/2

What Drew You To Roller Derby? 

I’ve always been an extremely sensitive person by nature.  When I was a little girl, I stayed up late watching American Gladiators, Glo Girl wrestling and Roller Games. It was one of my many dreams to participate and be tough like the women I saw on TV. Fast forward many years: I found out that RRGSD skated down the street (at the time) Watched one game and immediately asked about joining.

How Did You Choose Your Derby Name?

While figuring out a name, a coworker said “You should be Loony something because you’re pretty crazy.” Lolita came from two things in Japanese culture: the frilly attire I adore and a term in anime that refers to a character that appears and act younger than their age. My derby number refers to two anime characters, Nana and Hachi.


Video games, crafting, cosplaying, dancing, reading,  drawing, watching many things(anime, British comedies, 90s stuff, old school Disney) listening to music. The mind requires many things to keep it occupied.

Any Past Athletic Background?

Causal football in my youth, casual Kenpo karate with friends.  

Pump Up Song:

 Sadistic Music Factory by Hatsune Miku

Random Fact

I wear bloomers for pajamas.

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