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Feb 022018


Running a roller derby league is not easy, and when that league faces a load of adversity all at once, it can be detrimental and destructive.

It happened to us starting mid 2016. We lost a beloved team member, Toni “Rockilishous”, due to an unimaginable accident. I had the fortune of meeting her twice before she passed away. Shortly after that, we also lost a key component to being able to play: our venue. As we scrambled to find solutions and discussed our options, one by one, members started to leave our league so they could continue to compete without falling into a drought with no end in sight.

This is when I became an active member of SDRD: Right when ALL of the unfortunate events started to snowball. I showed up to my first official practice as an eligible skater only to find my new teammates grabbing what belonged to the league and packing it up to store wherever they could after what felt like a bad breakup. We were moving out of our venue, and I was heart broken. I have worked SO hard and it has taken me a very long time, YEARS, to learn the skills needed to play roller derby, and now I wasn’t sure if I would have a team to play with.

By the time 2017 came around, attempts to find an actual venue became lost hope, and when we did find one, it seemed as though everyone had already left. One practice, I showed up to find only 3 of my teammates remained, as our league had dwindled to just us. We started to talk instead of skate about possibly seeing the end of SDRD’s life and decided, “HEY, you know what?! Let’s give this ONE LAST SHOT, put all of our energy into this and let’s make this happen!” SO we started gathering our ideas and putting them together.

Little by little, we started recruiting from our now sister league Renegade Rollergirls of San Diego. A couple of their skaters wanted more time to skate and started to join us for some basic practices and eventually we started counting more women at practice. Sure enough by mid 2017 we had a good 9-14 women consistently at practices. Slowly but surely we were growing! By now we were thinking, “Wow, maybe rebuilding this league IS possible!”. It definitely got our hopes up, that’s for sure!

Now in August of 2017 came the biggest decision in SDRD’s revival. “We have barely enough to have a team and our roster isn’t full. Do we continue to fight for this league? Us starting 4 had become 3, then we regained a different #4 that decided to return to us. We quickly started to edit our chalkboard and bring new ideas to the table as we ran into new issues and obstacles.

As the end of 2017 crept up, we finally started to get our finances and logistics in a groove and our new skater orientations hit smooth sailing as well. By December, we were only a few girls shy of 20 roster-eligible skaters! But by this time, all of the paperwork and brainstorming and staying up until 12am doing research had worn us original 4 down and we were quickly becoming burned out. Luckily, we got a small break for the winter holidays and focused on hoping all of the hard work we had done all year would pay off. We had done finances, researched multiple possible permanent venues, started to order jerseys, gather equipment for new skaters to barrow, etc. all year, and all we could do now is cross our fingers.

WE RUNG IN THE NEW YEAR! We were somewhat refreshed, enough to get the ball rolling again, anyways. But when we returned to our normal practice schedule, something AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL happened! Us original 4 noticed that we had quickly become outnumbered, and not by fresh skaters! We noticed there is an actual TEAM out there on our track! Shortly after, an even bigger surprise happened! Not only did we gain a dedicated coach with year of experience, be we gained three! A week later, our team assessments started so we could create a foundation to build our teams off of. Not only did everyone give 110% at try-outs, but NOT A SINGLE SKATER FAILED!  Our new coaching staff appeared to be impressed by the skill level these hardworking women were skating at for being a renewed league! We don’t LOOK like a brand new league, we don’t SKATE like a brand new league…and we definitely are not FUNCTIONING like a brand new league! 

We are playing UNITED like a real roller derby league should be!

Sure, we still have a lot of hard work to do, more strategies to learn, and game experience to gain; however, now that Us Original  4 handed off so many of our responsibilities to so many other strong women that have joined our league in the past year, we can focus on guiding the league into the right direction!



Now, for SDRD’s 10th year of derby, we are going to have a LEGENDARY 2018 season!


Mitten Kitten, Bullseye BombHer, and Jeneral BustHer:

You all have carried more than your fair share of responsibilities, and I could not have become a stronger person without all of you to guide me and for allowing me to be a part of this league and it’s revival! Thank you for trusting me to take on a huge task and become a part of something so much bigger than myself! I could not imagine playing with anyone else and it has been an absolute honor to finally be included in a league after years of not fitting in elsewhere. I am truly grateful to have all of you continue to work hard to keep this league on the road to success! 

To all of our new members: Without you all, we would not be here. You all have busted your butts and have taken on such major roles within our league, and we have full faith in you all to make this your own!

I love you all so much, and I thank you for pouring your hearts and souls into SAN DIEGO ROLLER DERBY!




-Zombie Bait

Nov 122017

Take Care of Your Tribe.

When mental anguish becomes too much to bear.

Take Care of Your Tribe.

When others are struggling to stay afloat in a demanding world

Take Care of Your Tribe.

When their poor decisions lead to worse decisions.

Take Care of Your Tribe.

When they over indulge and have no one else but you to watch after them.


No matter the reason, roller derby became the forefront of sisters and brothers watching out for each other; whether you are favorite teammates travelling to a new adventure or a stranger at an after party. Whether your teammate let’s loose and goes too far and out of control, or a stranger is showing signs of needing help with their mental state, or a friend making poor decisions and getting into trouble because you only live once….

…you ONLY live once.

Take Care of Your Tribe.

Oct 232017

We, SDRD, have just got to say this will probably be our favorite post ever!

As many of you know, we’ve been through more than our fair share of changes since the 2016 season that would have ended most leagues. But, just because the odds were against us did not mean we were going to roll over and die. We have fought hard to find venues that allow roller skates on their floors, outdoor venues obviously depend on weather conditions, and a few venues that were excited to have us found out their insurance doesn’t cover “violent sports” and they were devastated to have to break the news to us. However, the past several months, we have pulled together and have found our practice areas, made practice schedules, have been involved in a bunch of scrimmages….and now?


We officially have ended our hiatus; we have rebuilt, restructured, and persevered. Yesterday (Oct.21,2017) we held our very first event for the 2017 season! Our annual “Monster Smash” had an open sign-up for skaters to join in, and we had skaters from every corner sign up. Players from Hidden City Roller Derby, San Diego Aftershocks, 5C Roller Derby, SoCal Derby, Dirt City Roller Rats, and San Diego Derby Dolls made an appearance to support us, and we can tell you we have NEVER had such a large roster!

We also had some great referees from other local leagues volunteer to help us out so we can have a safe event and without them we would not have been able to have a game.



(Thank you Griffin, Paffendorf, , Insubordin-Amy, and Hula (all in stripes) and our non-skating officials Bruja, Alma Mauler, Woody, Scoby-Wan, and Melon O.M.A)


Monster Smash was SUCH a great experience for our rebuilt SDRD. For two of our newbies, it will probably be the most rewarding memories of their derby careers. Wound-Her Woman brought home an MVP Jammer award and Amefyst an MVP Blocker award. MVP’s are voted for by the opposite team in the roller derby world, and these two hard working women literally just started roller skating in general this season. This was their VERY first scrimmage ever, and their hard work just proves that anyone can become their own heroes as long as you continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. Ladies, SDRD is so proud of you and excited about your derby career future. Keep working hard because those MVP awards are not just handed out to anyone and you both earned it!

As the 2017 derby season is nearing to a close, we just want to say thank you to ALL of our supporters, whether you are skaters and officials from other leagues, our patient fans that keep rooting for us on, or someone who has just discovered us. We still just cannot find the words to express how grateful we are for each and every one of you! And just because it’s the end of the derby season, it does not mean we will not have events in the near future. You will see us jumping into some holiday events as well, so keep an eye out for announcements! And thank you from the bottom of our heart for keeping us strong. Get ready for us next season!!


Aug 072017

We are more than honored to have been a part of this year’s pride parade. Our sister league Renegade Roller Girls San Diego invited us to join them at the parade so we could celebrate unity and diversity that not only helps roller derby thrive, but also helps create peace throughout our community and worldwide.

This year, there were more than 200,000 people in attendance and 246 contingents and we got to be a part of that!

Pride Parade is not just about rainbows, unicorns, and just having fun, though. Pride Parade helps us kick off celebrating individuality and acceptance of allowing love to be love. Unfortunately, prejudice and acts of violence still occur to members of the LGBTQ+ community, and PRIDE has become more than marching down the streets in flamboyant get-ups. Most recently, Pride has expanded it’s international LGBT diplomacy efforts in partnership with the San Diego Diplomacy Council. This helps San Diego welcome delegates on an international level to help end the stigma of abuse toward our LGBTQ+ community and to help continue efforts in improving laws to help protect LGBTQ+ persons and even to help decriminalize same-sex/transsexual relations in other countries.

We may be few, but by accepting others for who they truly are or for who they love, we hope we will help set an example for generations to come. San Diego Roller Derby prides itself in being all-inclusive and we want to be known as allies in the world outside of roller derby.

Thank you EVERYONE that took part in something that is so much bigger than us all!

Jun 112017


Meet the Dudes behind the scenes! We are very fortunate to have Jeff and Faris at ‘Classics Malt Shop’ sponsoring us and continuing to allow us to join them on car show nights to help serve up some mad grub and sweet shakes and malts! We wanted to give them a shout out for their generosity in allowing us to swing by and help around the shop. They continue to invite our crazy selves to work with them and we ALWAYS look forward to it. In case you missed our event yesterday, you can typically find us there when car shows are happening!

Thank you again Classics for being our #1 sponsor!

Jun 092017

As SDRD is rebuilding this season, we are ECSTATIC at the turnout for our most recent “Fresh Meat and Greet”. Fresh Meat is the term used for new skaters joining roller derby. Once the Minimum Skills required by WFTDA are passed by a new skater, they become rookies, and eventually become our O.G. skaters.

If you happened to miss our Fresh Meet and Greet from this past Monday, no sweat! you are ALWAYS welcome to just drop by and join us at any of our practices.


FRESHIES: Good luck on your endevour to becoming a San Diego Roller Derby member, work hard, and have fun!

Jun 032017

SDRD is PROUD to be a league that not only supports, but welcomes diversity. We are always happy to to be all inclusive and welcome our LGBTQ+ community to share the love!

Have a happy and safe PRIDE month!

May 162017

When most people move to our beautiful city, the first thing in mind is a sunny beach day! When it comes to San Diego Roller Derby girls, we think GAME DAY! Although our 2017 season will compromise of us jumping in to “mash up bouts”, we’re still rollin’!
Last month, some of our girls joined Hidden City Derby Girls, Wine Town Rollers, North County Derby Alliance, and Cal Skate for one giant tournament hosted by HCDG! Many of us just show up with our assigned jersey color and meet our team mates sometimes for the very first time, and start playing!
Rainbow Round Robin is an annual event that typically is the kick off to all of San Diego County’s roller derby season. For SDRD, it was a great opportunity to get on our skates and play for the first time since last season.
We are excited to announce our leagues growth this season and our hard work on and off skates are paying off! We are currently preparing to schedule our first 2017 game after our annual “Leprecharnage” had to be unexpectedly cancelled. As rough as it has been to recover from an extremely difficult loss of one of our members, we just could not allow ourselves to let down the league she poured her heart and soul into. SDRD will continue on to better and greater things, and most of all, we intend on keeping roller derby fun for everyone joining our league!

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