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Oct 222013

Hero Fist

Chovy Frohlich, is not only a phenomenal skater; she’s a businesswoman, mother, artist, and Vice President on the San Diego Roller Derby Board of Directors.  But where did this derby girl come from and how did she find her way to SDRD?  Let’s rewind a little ways and explore the uprising of Boogiewoman aka Boogie!


As a spectator, Boogie became a fan while watching the Windy City Rollers in 2007.  With fancy venues, crazy announcers, mascots and wild costumes, how could she not fall in love with the sport!  She even tried out for the team but not being able to skate, she was cut during the first round.  That did not stop her love or drive to learn this sport.  Walking down the street in Ocean Beach one day, she spotted a girl wearing a Windy City Rollers Shirt and said “Hey! I know them – that’s roller derby.”  The girl, known by the name of Stella Sabotage, a transfer skater from Chicago, quickly recruited Boogie to try out for the San Diego Derby Dolls.  And so her derby life began.


After training for 7 months, Boogie made the team and played in 5 games before taking a break for the arrival of her handsome son.  During this time, she continued to learn refereeing and helped coach the newbies.  She met several SDRD skaters here before they made the switch.  Sensing that the league was no longer a good fit, Boogie almost quit before being recruited to SDRD and has called it her home ever since.  Boogie has played on every level team that SDRD has to offer and is currently a member of the Starlettes, SDRD’s “A” team.  She has recently discovered her love for Co-Ed bouts and hitting boys with everything she’s got!

In her everyday life, Boogie is currently a super organized Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a small architecture and construction firm.  This background has worked really well for her in her league job, Vice President of Board of Directors.  Her job is wide and varied and includes anything from checking in on all the various aspects/jobs within the league to helping resolve conflict/issues with the skaters.  Her skills do not stop there!  She has also been a full time stay at home mom, a psychotherapist for trauma and abuse, and a self-employed oil painter – specializing in people and pet portraits.

BoogieprideThe name Boogiewoman was created while she was trying to pick something scary but fun at the same time.  Showing her unique sense of humor, Boogiewoman B00 was created, a spoof on Boogeyman with a feminine twist.  WFTDA eventually made her drop the B in her number and fellow skaters started calling her Boogie for short.  But don’t let her fun attitude fool you, she’s as serious about training off the track as she is on.  Boogie runs 3 miles and swims 1600 meters twice a week! She also gets a monthly pedicure to keep her feet in top shape……

Asking what her favorite thing about derby is, Boogie could only supply a list showing how deep her dedication and love is.

1.  The way it connects me to my body and pushes me to be stronger, skate better, and be faster.

2.  Hitting because nothing feels better than doing it legally.

3.  Strategy – the game is so complex and rich, I never get tired of thinking about it.

4.  It’s democratic – every female (and male) body is welcomed and an asset to the team.

5. The support from your team!

Boogie’s advice – “The only way to learn is by trying, so don’t just watch from the sidelines.  If you are new,
someone (Splint Her, now skating with Gotham) once told me “all you have to do to succeed in derby is show up to practice and to stick around for a few years – most people just give up before they get really good”.

Boogie action

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Aug 142013
Aug 082012


The winner of the highest bid, Juno Escarme, cutting Starlette Captain Lady Diesel’s hair for locks of love.

Its August SDRD fans!  This means our season is more than half over, but we still have tons of exciting things to come.  This month we not only have a double header on the 12th, when the Starlettes and the Aftershock take on the Bakersfield men and women, we also have a Cadettes bout that day.  It is also time to let you all in on our philanthropic efforts for this month.

We have a very special event for our halftime show on the 12th.  Locks of Love will be at the bout to accept donations of hair.  These donations are made into wigs for children who have hair loss due to medical conditions.  We have a few SDRD members donating and we encourage fans get in on the fun and donate also.  Thos who are brave enough to take the snip will be treated to a new style by the wonderful hair artists of Millicent Salon in La Mesa.  We might even auction the opportunity to cut an SDRD skater’s hair to the highest bidder!

Starlette, Split Endz, cuts Rockette Nicci Two Skates down to size

This year is also the third year San Diego Roller Derby will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event. This 24 hour event is a walk at the Embarcadero. Teams are required to have at least one person walking the track at all times for 24 hours. This year the event kicks off on the 18th and SDRD skaters and staff will set up camp with the 67 other teams. It is a great day and night of camping in the middle of the city, sleeping and walking in shifts, laughter, and a way we have shown our strength as a team for the third year running (or walking as the case may be).  If you are interested on particapating, contact Hope to see you at our August 12 bout held at San Diego’s  last remaining roller rink, Skate World, located at 6907 Linda Vista Rd.

Jul 282012

We hope that you can join us on Friday, August 3rd, at Classics Malt Shop featuring SDRD as carhops! We will be serving you some authentic all American food, on our skates! Your tips will help build travel funds for our away games, and all we need is for you to bring your family and friends, and come hungry!

We will also be having a bake sale, so make sure you save some room for dessert. The money raised from the bake sale will benefit our skater, Wicked Angel, in her efforts to join the SDRD Starlettes in Boise, Idaho. They will be participating in the 3rd Annual Spudtown Knockdown Tournament.  Our skaters are EXCELLENT bakers, you do not want to miss out! While we help you satisfy your sweet tooth,  you can help get our Wicked to Idaho!

Meet Wicked Angel #1904: She is famous for her pink skates, strength, and amazing skating skills. She’s one of SDRD’s outstanding jammers and a vital part of the Starlettes.


For more information about our event, click here.


Jul 112012

Wanna do something fun and support two important causes at the same time? Then come roll out with your favorite derby skaters from San Diego Roller Derby this year in support of the San Diego Pride festival and the American Red Cross! San Diego Pride festival is part of a nationwide event to promote pride and respect for everyone in the LGBT community through awareness of their core values: Diversity, Respect, Honesty, and Integrity. The American Red Cross provides support to everyone ranging from blood donations to support services in times of disaster; it is unique in that it is not a government agency but instead relies on the charitable contributions of volunteers’ time, money and blood donations.

So come be a part of something amazing, don your roller skates, and help support San Diego Roller Derby along with the American Red Cross and the San Diego Pride festival for what’s sure to be a good time for all!


The annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is the 4th largest in the United States attracting over 197,000 cheering spectators and significant media participation.

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time: 11:00 am

Location: The parade begins at University Ave. and Normal Street, proceeds west on University Avenue to 6th Avenue, turns south on 6th Avenue, ending at Balboa Drive and Upas Street.

Route: 1.5 miles | 2 hours

May 242012

The two teams met again after they faced each other in April and the Bandettes took home the win; HCDG were here with a vengeance. The whistle blew and the first jam was on.

Bandettes had a different game this time, as for the first time in a while they switched up their roles and players took on new positions. They had some of their regular jammers for blockers and blockers for jammers. Boogie Woman, Neuralize Her and Stella Hot Mess are some of the many great blockers they have but now this time around they were the Bandettes awesome jammers. Boogie Woman, Neuralize Her and Stella Hot Mess got through that tough pack and broke through those HCDG walls, But oh no it was not as easy at it sounds, Hidden City made it hard for our jammers to get lead jammer status.

Jam after jam the Bandettes rocked the rink.! They were breaking up Hidden City strong walls, knocking down jammers and moving Hidden City blockers out of the way. HCDG had some great jammers, Roxy Knockout and MotorCrush gave the Bandettes a fight for lead jammer status. SueWeddyBetty (HCDG blocker) knocked jammers down, and moved blockers out of her jammers way. But the Bandettes re-grouped quickly and jammers got back up fast to get through the pack.

Second half began with the Bandettes in the lead with a score of 127-33. Bandettes had some great teamwork, great walls, and most importantly they had good communication. Nicci Two Skates and Sugar Britches had the pivot role during most of the game and boy did they know how to pivot.! They both knew when to slow down,speed up, trap, and just knock those jammers down. They both had some of many great hits that night, another great blocker with noticeably great hits was, Snow Bunny on Wheelz. She moved girls outta way and if they didn’t move she knocked em down.

Towards the end of the game the Bandettes had the win in the bag, but Hidden City put up a hell of a fight until the last jam.

WreckLiz Cherry jammed her butt off until the last whistle blew ending the game with the Bandettes as the WINNERS, with a score of 259-54!
As always it is great please and honor to play HCDG as they are a great team, with great attitudes and the best sportsmanship.

Thank you ladies of HCDG until we meet again on the track.

**Shout Out to Butterfly Crush 911 who unfortunately got injured during the first couple jams
of the game. Hoping you heal fast and SDRD Bandettes will see you soon.



Written by Jazz Ramirez

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