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Jersey Number




Years Played

4-ish months

What Drew You To Roller Derby?

I had seen a facebook ad a year and a half ago and have been wanting to try for a while but didn’t have the courage until I met my roomate (Princess Slaya). She dragged me along to practice one day and I loved it! 

How Did You Choose Your Derby Name?

Many years ago a drunk friend called my house phone and my mom answered. Somewhere in there I heard her say, “yes, like Soby-Wan Kenobi, wtf do you want?!” And the rest is history! 😂


baking, skating, drawing, hiking, reading, and playing with my doggos…

Any Past Athletic Background?

I’ve been on skates (quad and inline) since I was about 9 years old. My younger self dabbled  in volleyball, softball, track, and marching band (Yes, it counts!!).

Pump Up Song

Psycho – Muse

Random Fact

I hate the smell of baby powder

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