WFTDA League


The Basics:
Grew up in: San Diego Native
Birthday: November 11th
Height: 5 feet nothing!
Derby Name: Veenix
Derby Number: 1118
Skater Position: Trying it all
Years in Derby: Off and on for a few years, since 2012.

Fun Facts:
* Huge Harry Potter fan. She named her dog Albus, after the great wizard Albus Dumbledore. She loves her dog more than most humans.
* Beatles fanatic! Loves going to tribute shows, art shows, and watching documentaries.

How’d you join derby?
“I went to the skating rink and saw a flier. I thought about it for a bit and then I had a friend send me the link and he said ‘I don’t know why I just think you would be really good at this.’ I checked it out and I knew I had to try it.”

A Little Q&A:
What is your pre-derby skating/sports background?
“I was a  pop warner cheerleader for a few years when I was younger. When I was in 6th grade school I played basketball up until my sophomore year in high school. After that I didn’t do much sports at all. I don’t have much skating background. I do remember growing up my mom going roller skating with her friends at a roller skating rink and I would sit there for hours watching my mom skate.”

Congrats on passing skills! Did you do anything extra to ensure you passed (Skate at session, Cross train outside, etc.)?
“It was not easy these past couple of years trying to pass. I had so many things I was dealing with during these three years. I was off and on trying to get my head in the game. One day after I had enough, I decided I’m going to change my diet and start to get to work. I started to eat clean and I found an awesome park with a track by my place and decided I’m going to spend a lot of time there. My husband, my fur baby and myself spent a lot of time doing laps constantly just to build up endurance and comfort. It finally paid off in June!”

What would you say, is your greatest strength so far? What would you like to improve?
“I can honestly say I’m working on having a strength. I’m still so new and still getting used to being comfortable. I would like to improve my comfort level on skates and in the pack, that is a very new experience for me.  I also want to work on my confidence while I’m on my skates or even skating. I know if I can be confident that aggressiveness I need will really come through.”

So, how do you support your derby habit?
“I am a project manager by day and I am a graphic designer by night (I have my bachelors in fine art). I’m hoping to get back into the web design field!”

Have you picked a derby name yet, if so how’d you choose it?
“I had played with a few ideas when I was just trying to pass skills and nothing had that umph or it just didn’t feel right.  This is going to sound weird but there is a Tenacious D song called “ Rize of the Fenix” and the whole play on a phoenix stuck with me. I have been through a lot in these past three years and even before that. I was at the lowest point in my life where I didn’t think I was going to come back from the dark place I was at. I was able to come out of it and rise from the ashes if you will. I took some time to really think about it and I decided to play with the spelling and the V in my name and Veenix was born! Plus that Tenacious D song is pretty awesome!”

What has the transition for skate school, into the regular derby practices been like for you?
“I’m not going to lie, it is a bit scary and I get a bit nervous at practice. I don’t want to be the newbie that slows everyone down or who can’t keep up on her skates. Its very fast paced compared to skate school so that alone has been a big change for me.”

What would you say is your favorite thing about derby?
“My favorite thing about derby is being apart of such a diverse group of people. From what I can tell there is such a huge support system and that is something I haven’t had so it’s great to be apart of.”

What advice would you give to skaters just starting out, or still in skate school?
“Do not give up! It took me FOREVER and if you honestly just give it your time it will happen.”

Who inspires you?
“My little family which includes my husband Matt who is my best friend and my dog Albus. Those two are the reason I’m still standing to this day. My husband is one of the kindest, genuinely sweet, hardworking people I have ever encountered and I strive to be just as good as a person as he is . He makes me want to be better every day and he is my biggest cheerleader. My fur baby has gotten me through some tough times and I always want to be the person my dog thinks I am. :)
My mom. I lost my mom suddenly in 2012. It was shock and no one saw it coming, she was only 46. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, hear her laugh, or hear a song and can hear her say “ This is my jam.. turn it up”. She didn’t get to live the life she should have so every day I try to go out and live that life for her and I’m grateful that derby allows me to do that.
Ronda Rousey. She is another person who has really shown me that you can be a bada**, take no prisoners but still be as sensitive and genuine as anyone. I read her book and that really helped me get going on my goals. I mean what can you say she is a bada** who works really hard and is a champion ( even on her bad days).”

Do you have any personal goals this season?
“My personal goal this season is just to be able to see improvements in my skills. Of course I would love to be on a team but I know that I need to have a good foundation and my goal this season is to build a solid one.”

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