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Wound’Her Woman


Jersey Number




Years Played

4 months

What Drew You To Roller Derby?

I saw whip it and on an impulse buy spent my savings on a pair of roller skates. I started skating around the day I got them and the rest is history.

How Did You Choose Your Derby Name?

Id been thinking about it for an entire year and being the total nerd I am, I had an epiphany one night and woke up in my bed at 4 am and was like oh my gosh, duh. I then promptly changed my instagram to Wound._.her._.woman


I like comic books and video games. But most of all I love street skating, “Anythings a skate park if you live too far from a skate park”-Me

Any Past Athletic Background?

Softball 🙂

Pump Up Song

I’m walking on sunshine-Katrina and the Whales

Random Fact

I love making what my friends call “weird” recipes and I’m gonna get a food truck after college!

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