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Zombie Bait



Jersey Number



Blocker, but I’m learning to Jam

Years Played

0.5, I joined SDRD in the middle of last season

What Drew You To Roller Derby?

How the sport is untraditional, but still requires dedication, passion, and intelligence to play. Most, if not all the women I play with are highly educated and/or highly skilled in trades and are all self reliant. It’s a beautiful thing to be surrounded by intelligent and intellectual women and it’s kind of funny how roller derby attracts them.

How Did You Choose Your Derby Name?

I have a permanent craniectomy due to a skull structure malformation (it is not a head injury related to playing derby or anything, just to clarify). I figured “Hey, my brains are spilling out, and zombies love brains! So…that must make me zombie bait!”


Bucket listing with my fiancé to see a game in every NHL, MLB, and NFL arena, going to rock concerts, weightlifting, and playing with our dog.

Any Past Athletic Background?

Yes! Softball, Volleyball, and Marathons were all staples of my high school career. Had an opportunity to play college softball, but you know…brain surgeries happen and divert your path sometimes 😉

Pump Up Song

Renegade- HED P.E.

7words- Deftones

Random Fact

Don’t trust me with your gardens…just don’t. The only plants I can manage to keep alive are cacti!

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